How to Stay Mindful this Summer

Forget “hot girl summer.” Happy, healthy girl summer is here and it’s time to do everything you can to keep it that way! One of the best ways to keep yourself grounded and open to enjoying the good times flowing your way is to stay mindful every day. No, that doesn’t mean second-guessing every step you take. It means taking steps to make sure you’re present in the moment and enjoying both the life you’re living now and the life you’re building for yourself. 

Here are three tips to keep you mindful all summer long:

Write a Summer Bucket List and Start Checking Things Off

Bucket lists aren’t just a one-time thing. They come in handy for different phases of your life as you want to do different things – like this summer! Create a list of everything you want to do in the summer months, both big and small. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Go to the beach
  • Eat ice cream on the pier
  • Go kayaking
  • Host a cookout
  • Go on a hike
  • Take a trip with friends
  • Go to a waterpark

The possibilities are endless! Once you have your list hammered out, get to work. Schedule out some of the activities so you have something to look forward to and leave some for your spontaneous free time.

Unplug for at Least One Meal a Day

The benefits of unplugging are overwhelming. It allows you to live in the present moment, enjoy your food, enjoy the company you have in your presence, and clear your mind. Incorporate at least one unplugged meal a day to really soak in the summer fun. Bonus points if you choose a meal you eat with others and use the time to connect with one another!

Enjoy the Beauty of This Season

Whether you live by the mountains, along the shore, or even in the city, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the gifts this Earth has given us. Be sure to carve out a time for yourself to do your favorite outdoor summer activities. Need some inspo? Here are a few ways to enjoy the summer months outside:

  • Head to a nearby farm for strawberry picking
  • Go tubing/swimming along a river
  • Try camping
  • Go for a walk and catch the sunrise
  • Try your hand at fishing
  • Go on a picnic
  • Plant some flowers

Stay mindful with these tips, and this summer is going to be the best yet. Enjoy your fun in the sun!

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Kim is the owner and publisher of Sass Magazine, as well as the owner of Sass Studios, a boutique graphic design studio in Frederick, MD. When not in the office, Kim can be found doing some of her favorite hobbies—reading a book, dancing, traveling, or playing with her rescued pitbull.

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