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Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk To Be More Productive


Everyone wants to accomplish more in less time, but how do we make that happen? The simple answer is we need more energy. In an effort to keep energy levels high, we often jumpstart our day with coffee and reach for other caffeinated beverages around the clock. These artificial boosts get your body moving but fall short when it comes to improving focus.

Stimulants can negatively impact cognitive function such as attention, memory, and thinking. While you may be moving more quickly, you are actually getting less done. In other words, energy drinks give you the buzz without the brainpower. In addition, caffeine-created energy surges are short lived—leaving you feeling like a zombie until you can get your next fix. At the end of the day, you will be left with decreased work output with increased exhaustion.

The secret ingredient to efficiency isn’t caffeine — it’s oxygen. Your body uses oxygen to create energy through cellular respiration. AHA! Oxygen creates energy! Oxygen is the fuel of life and gets delivered to your cells by our bloodstream. The easiest way to get more oxygen in your blood is by breathing. Exhale carbon dioxide, inhale oxygen. Get rid of what you no longer need to make room for what you want…. oxygen! And, the fastest way to get oxygen to the cellular level is by getting your blood pumping. In order to supercharge your productivity, you must move your body.

Set a timer for an hour. Perform these three simple movements at the top of each hour to keep your bloodstream enriched with oxygen. Once you get started, you’ll see it’s even easier than it sounds.

exercises you can do at your desk

Exercises you can do at your desk

Neck rolls

Sit up tall and lower your chin to your chest without rounding your back. Roll your head to the right side bringing your right ear closer toward right shoulder. Then, roll your head to the left side bringing left ear toward the left shoulder. Repeat 5x inhaling as you roll your head to the side and exhaling as your chin lowers to chest.  

Desk Down Dog

Some exercises you can do at your desk allow you to stand up. Stand up facing your desk. Angle your body in a plank position with your hands on the edge of your desk. With your hands on the desk, move your hips back transitioning from a plank to a forward bend or a downward facing dog variation. Repeat 5x inhaling as you move into plank and exhaling as you move into desk assisted downward dog.

Infinity Arms

Stand up in an area of open space. Extend your right arm straight out in front of you and begin making the infinity symbol with your right hand in the air. Then do the left arm. Make big movements to facilitate the blood delivery system. Try moving both arms at the same time crossing the midline of your body to help integrate both sides of our brain working together.

Exercises you can do at your desk are a simple way to be more productive.

Infusing your day with movement will get you the leading edge in productivity all while maintaining mood and avoiding energy dips! Now get a move on!

exercises you can do at your desk

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