I Slept In Silk, With Silk, and On Silk…Here’s What Happened

Why you should be sleeping with silk

Ten years ago, if I saw a woman wearing expensive silk around the house and sleeping on silk bedding, I thought, “How bougie do you have to be? Really, you can’t go with the Egyptian cotton 800 thread count like the rest of us? Seriously, you can’t sleep in your boyfriend’s shirt?”. But as we grow older and start to educate ourselves, or experience for ourselves, why some favor silk for bedding over the 800 thread count Egyptian cotton, it’s truly a wake-up call. 

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For centuries, civilizations have been documenting the health & skin benefits that silk has on our bodies. Dr. Enrizza P Factor, a Clinical Dermatologist with My Eczema Team says “Silk is the secret to a youthful, glowing complexion. It is hypoallergenic, slows down the aging process, can fight symptoms of menopause, works wonders for hair health, helps keep your skin moisturized, and can improve your sleep”. 

After hearing this for myself, I had to try it. I had to be that woman lounging around in luxurious silk PJs, sipping tea from my patio overlooking the city. 

When asked about how silk benefits the skin, Dr. Factor explains, “Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids which speed up the metabolism of skin cells and help counter the effects of aging”. Wow. Mindblown. I truly thought it was just for the feel. I mean, shouldn’t silk be the fabric of our lives? 

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Here is what I did

For an entire week, I switched my skivvies and boyfriend shirt for Lilysilk PJs. I channeled my inner TLC vibes around the house re-enacting the “Creep” music video.

My Queen size bed needs new sheets so I replaced them with Lilysilk fitted & flat sheets. I eased my tired, wired eyes with Saatva weighted silk eye mask. Tossed out the 800-count Egyptian thread pillowcases and replaced them with  Celestial Silk pillowcases. And honey… let me tell you, the proof is in the pudding and I’ve got about 200 pounds of it.

My first night

I slept like a baby (being deaf does help). The PJs were just perfect, my skin loved it and performed with my body temperature, some nights I’ve woken with cold sweats, but wearing these to bed; nada. These were the perfect PJs to also lounge around in (aka work from home). I didn’t need to change for the Zoom calls as the top is a buttoned-down, collared shirt. You feel me? 

the benefits of silk sheets and pajamas

My hair

I have textured-mixed hair so one moment it can be like a Diana Ross’s 1970’s performance and the next can be Mariah Carey ringlet curls pre-Glitter. So naturally, I am attracted to FRIZZ – no product has yet defeated this mop. Waking up after sleeping on these silk pillowcases made me feel like I was in a Proof frizz-free commercial as their next cover model. By the end of the week (with no wash) my hair was smoother, shinier, dramatically less frizz and *ahem* silkier.  

My Sleep

The game-changer for me was the weighted eye mask. I live in the city with street lights being my stars. They are facing my bedroom window so blinds don’t always block out the lights. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn silk eye masks before but this one, being weighted, was therapeutic and blocked out even more light.

My Skin

The icing on the cake was that no oils, serums, lotions or sprays were needed to achieve a smoother, glowing complexion and that’s after one week. So if you’re looking to reduce your cosmetics and opt for a more natural approach to combat skin concerns and ultimately better overall health, silk just may be an answer! 

Here is what you need:

Ashley-Victoria Smith
Ashley-Victoria Smith

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