Make Fitness Fun With Friends

make working out fun with a friend

Do you want to be more successful in achieving your fitness goals? Try working out with a friend! Having a workout buddy generates support, encouragement and accountability. You’re less likely to skip an early morning run if you know someone is counting on you, and when the workout gets tough, you have each other for support.  Let’s not forget about the biggest advantage—working out with someone is FUN! With a workout buddy, you’re laughing, playing and enjoying the workout more than if you had done it alone.
Finding a great workout partner can be a challenge. Where should you look? Here are some great ways to find people to add to your fitness support system.

Join a gym that is focused on community

This is a very positive trend in the fitness industry. There are some great gyms that focus on creating a collective experience. You get to know everyone and they get to know you. They celebrate your accomplishments and you celebrate theirs. Be sure to try out a class or two at a gym before making a commitment.  This will help you decide if the community they offer is a good fit for you.

Play a sport

Most recreational leagues will help you find a team if you want to play a sport.  Many also have all levels of play, so you can find the right fit for your ability level. This is a great way to meet some new people with similar interests to be your new workout buddy. You can also try something like Kickboxing, tennis, or cycling. 

working out with friends

Join a club

There are so many clubs that can help support you in your goals. You will also meet some great people who may want to train for an event with you.

Take a look at your current group of friends and coworkers

Maybe there is someone who is a perfect fit that you already know! It doesn’t hurt to start asking!
Whatever your fitness goals are, find a community and workout buddy that helps support you.  You are more likely to be successful and you will have fun in the process.

Tia Rodwell

Tia is passionate about CrossFit, fitness and health in general. She has always been an athlete and spent time in the United States Army, so being in shape is a priority in her life. After her military career and time spent in Higher Education Administration, she decided to follow her passion and become a CrossFit Coach. She loves to see people begin to truly believe in themselves. When not working out you can find her hanging with Bobby, son (Joseph), and dog (Thora).

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1 thoughts on “Make Fitness Fun With Friends

  1. Tim Moore says:

    Great article on finding a workout partner. So many places to look. Would be great to spread your wings and find new friends.

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