A Girls Weekend in Roanoke, Virginia

What to do in Roanoke Virginia

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or just trying to find a new place to explore? Visiting Roanoke Virginia for a weekend is a great way to unwind, take in nature, and still have a cute downtown area to grab dinner at.

Need some ideas of where to go in Roanoke and what to do? We’ve got you covered for a great girls weekend away in the Shenandoah Valley area.

So, grab your friends, book your Airbnb, pack for your trip, and take that roadtrip to the Star City.

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Places To Visit in Roanoke

Mill Mountain Star

Mill Mountain Star is a beautiful fixure on top of a mountain overlooking the entire city of Roanoke. You can explore the nearby trails, go to the Mill Mountain Zoo nearby, or bring a picnic up and enjoy watching the city below (and planes fly into Roanoke airport).

Black Dog Salvage

You might hear salvage and not be sure how this could be a location to visit but Black Dog Salvage has some of the cutest items to buy from makers around the area. Between artwork, decorations, and even furniture, you can walk around Black Dog Salvage for hours and still not see everything.

Note: make sure to check out the jarred items in the front–the Vidalia Onion relish is amazing!

Roanoke Pinball Museum

Who doesn’t love pinball? Spend some time in the pinball museum and check out entry prices for unlimited play! Plus, having all of these pinball machines from over the decades in one place in really cool and can tap into some childhood memories.

Blue Ridge Parkway

You have great access to the Blue Ridge Parkway when you are in Roanoke and can drive around and take in the views while stopping off at the occasional overlook to snap some photos with your friends!

16 West Marketplace

16 West Marketplace has some really cute shops inside as well as delicious food options. It is truly a diverse marketplace where you can find records at Vintage Vault, some travel souvenirs, grab a coffee or smoothie at Little Green Hive, or delicious bites at Delicias Boricuas VA, all while being inside one location.

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Food and Drinks in Roanoke

Green Goat

Green Goat has such a good mix of southern food, comfort bites, and some fancier entrees.

Don’t miss the Eggplant Fries! Seriously, get them.

Parkway Brewing

While technically in Salem, VA, Parkway Brewing is a quick trip over from Roanoke to enjoy some good brews and depending on the night, you might find other things going on like live music and food trucks.

Valhalla Vineyards

You can’t beat the view (or the wine) at Valhalla Vineyards. Make sure to check their hours of operation but on weekends you are able to taste wine and enjoy some breathtaking views.

Also, if you happen to be planning a wedding or considering getting married, Valhalla is a beautiful backdrop for a ceremony!

Valhalla vineyard in Roanoke VA

Texas Tavern

You don’t want to miss Texas Tavern! A fun group of individuals keep this spot lively which has been open since 1930! 10 stools sit inside and you can get some classics like hot dogs, burgers, and a soda for a great deal.

Make sure to get a bumper stick or magnet to make sure people know you went to Texas Tavern.

Sweet Donkey Coffee

The word “sweet” truly encompasses this adorable coffee shop within a cute historic home in Roanoke. Their menu covers seasonal specials as well as your classic coffees, Chai’s, and teas. There is more than enough places to sit inside and outside (weather permitting).

Just Outside Roanoke

AmRhein Wine Cellars

AmRhein’s is off the beaten path which gives it so much charm. Set on a farm in Bent Mountain, VA, you will enjoy the views and the wine tasting as well. The star of the show is their sangria which is wonderful to enjoy while there with a charceterie board or back at home with your friends.

Mill Mountain Coffee – Salem, VA

Mill Mountain Coffee has multiple locations but the Salem, VA one has ample space to enjoy a coffee after a night out or just to grab a coffee and walk around Salem, VA. During parts of the season, there is a farmers market next door so grab your favorite beverage and check out the market as well.

Roanoke College

While Roanoke College technically sits in Salem, VA, the campus itself is worth taking a stroll around. Whether it’s during a warm summer day or cool Fall afternoon, the campus is beautiful set within the trees and also offers some wonderful architecture to look at.

Roanoke college - places to visit in Roanoke Virginia

Roanoke offers so much of a combination of a quaint city to explore and rural beauty for hiking and outdoor adventures all in one area. You are not too far from other focal points such as historic Lynchburg, Charlottesville, or even visiting Virginia Tech down in Blacksburg so if you are looking for a fun girls weekend in nature, consider booking a trip to Roanoke, VA.

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