10 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

Travel apps to help you

Exploring a new city can be overwhelming, even if you’ve traveled before. Luckily, with the help of travel apps, you can keep track of the weather forecast, exchange rates, and more. Read on to find out which apps are essential for your next trip!


TripIt is a must-have for any traveler. This app helps you stay organized by keeping track of your flight, hotel, and car rental reservations in one place. It even sends real-time updates so you don’t miss changes to your itinerary. Plus, it allows you to share trips with friends and family so that everyone can be on the same page about your upcoming travels.


PackPNT is a great resource for those traveling to remote locations. This app allows you to store offline maps of the destination you’re visiting so that you can access them without an internet connection. It also provides real-time information relevant to your trip, such as weather reports, local currency converters, and general travel advice.


TripAdvisor is another must-have travel app when you’re in the planning stages. It offers access to millions of traveler reviews, photos and videos to help you decide where to go and what to do. You can also use it to book flights and hotels, map out routes and even discover restaurants, shops, bars and more.


TimeShifter is a unique app that helps you combat jet lag when you’re traveling long distances. You enter the details of your trip, such as your departure and arrival city, along with a few other variables, and it creates a personalized jet lag plan to help sync your body clock with the local time at your destination. It also uses science-backed methods to optimize your sleep/wake cycles on long flights.

Here are travel apps you need for your next trip

Google Translate

Google Translate is a must-have travel app for any journey. No more pointing and gesturing when communicating with locals, as this app quickly translates words or entire conversations into over 100 languages. It even allows you to hold up your phone and translate text without having to type any words, making it the perfect way to seamlessly communicate in any country.


AllTrails is the must-have app for outdoor explorers. If you enjoy hiking, AllTrails is the most popular app for finding hikes, knowing how difficult they are, and seeing what others have thought. It goes past what a Google search will show you and gives you the hidden gems of hiking that you want on a trip. Remember to Leave No Trace!


Booking with Hopper is quick, easy, and secure. The flightshotelsrental cars, and homes are real. The prices are real. There are no hidden fees or gotcha charges. Most importantly, it is an accredited travel agency, which means there are real humans behind Hopper who can help you with your booking!


Lyft is pretty popular so you probably already have it but always make sure to download it before traveling! Even if you are planning to rent a car or take the bus, Lyft might get you out of a tough spot or bring you back to the hotel safely after a night out. Whether it is your backup plan or your primary mode of transportation, we definitely recommend having it.


WhatsApp is a must-have if you are traveling out of the country.  It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip has several functions to help you plan your trip, including help with bookings and planning. The coolest part of this app is the nearby feature that shows you insider recommendations and tips. Get real recommendations and outside-the-box ideas while you are exploring.

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