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The 6 Best Business Apps For Women

apps for women

“There’s an app for that!” Apps have been a lifesaver since the first ones made their debut on the app stores we use daily. Almost any task has an app attached to it, which leads to the question of “Which apps are best for business?” For the biz babes out there, we want to make the search through the thousands of options easier when it comes to choosing the best apps to have ready for your business. Whether you are building your own business or suggesting new apps for easier communication between you and your team, we’ve got some ideas for you! These are our favorite business apps for women.

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Dropbox – For Organizing Files

Some apps for women in business are just lifesavers. Keeping yourself and anyone else on your team organized can be a challenge, especially when forms, ideas, and work is being shared around. Dropbox gives you the ability to share, create, and organize your work and the work of others with ease and keep everything accessible in one spot. No need to reinvent the wheel when someone new joins the team, just give them access!

Calendly – For Scheduling Meetings

Calendly offers an easy and intuitive platform for you to create your schedule and also update with ease. You no longer need to manually input events into Calendar apps. Calendly will update your calendar for you when someone signs up for a meeting with you. Most importantly, you can add questions to gather details prior to the discussion to make your life much easier!

Wave Accounting – For Tracking Finances

Accounting can be a tedious task when it comes to your business or working on someone else’s books. Wave makes life a bit easier with a user-friendly interface and the ability to give the system a try for free to get started with your business accounting. Apps for women that come with a free trial get a thumbs up from us. Tracking your expenses, invoicing your clients, and general accounting management are easy with Wave.

Hubspot – For Clerical & Administrative Tasks

Hubspot makes setting up project due dates, sending out emails, and collecting customer information easier. As one of the best known and respected CRM’s, Hubspot really makes all clerical and customer service tasks more efficient and better organized. 

Bumble Bizz – For Networking

The Bumble platform isn’t just for dating and Bumble Bizz is a great place to connect with other professionals and build out your network. The main focus of the platform is to empower females to start the conversations, thereby mitigating not networking-focused conversations. In other words, women don’t want to be hit on when they’re trying to network professionally for their business. We love that there are apps for women in today’s business world!

Headspace – For Mental Health 

As much as we probably wish they weren’t, mental health and business are interconnected. Pushing ahead in your job or business is great but there needs to be a focus on mental health to balance it out. Headspace offers the ability to take some breaks during your day to disconnect, reflect, and just “be.” The best part is that you can slip in these meditations relatively quickly and unnoticed (if your situation requires being at a desk in front of others) or you can take longer and truly unwind in a chair or on your couch to recharge.

Running a business or being on a team doesn’t have to be chaotic. Having a set of apps for women to help “outsource” some of your work can make your life much easier and free up space for you to grow in your business, babe!

apps for women

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