6 Helpful Tips For Booking an Airbnb Vacation Rental

Tips For Booking An Airbnb Vacation Rental

No matter what season it is, travel is a part of our lives. Whether you are planning a winter adventure, summer getaway with the family, or looking for a solo fall travel experience, you’ll need a place to stay. Airbnb vacation rentals have allowed people to really live like a local in different areas around the world.

Instead of being forced to only stay in a business-district specific hotel, Airbnb let’s you live in a bungalow in Savannah, Georgia, live in an adobe style home in the middle of the desert outside of Tucson, Arizona, or grab a beautiful Parisian apartment with views of the Eiffel Tower. 

But, before booking you might want to take down these tips for booking the perfect Airbnb vacation rental which can also help you become an amazing Airbnb guest.

Understand Your Travel Goals

This seems like a no-brainer but understanding your travel goals can really help determine where you want to stay in an Airbnb. Is this a trip where you want to hike mountains every day? Or, is this a trip where you plan to spend time walking around a small town and sitting outside with a book? Will you have access to transportation, or any need to get around? Asking yourself these types of questions will help influence if you want to stay closer to town or closer to nature.

Research Your Budget 

Airbnb has made travel budget-friendly for sure but you want to make sure you are finding an Airbnb listing that fits the needs (and wants) of your trip. If you are looking for your Airbnb to be the least expensive part of your trip when you factor in meals and excursions, then make sure you utilize the pricing filter on your Airbnb booking page to find places within your intended budget.

Looking to make the Airbnb itself a part of the experience? Then, move that price filter up a bit and look through some of the more expensive listings to see what each has to offer. Some rentals come with meals made by hosts, a swimming pool and sauna, or even the host being your personal guide and chauffer.

Figure Out Additional Non-Negotiables with Travel

Are you going to bring your car and need a parking space? Is there a certain amount of rooms you need for your and your best friends traveling on a girl’s trip? Or, do you speak a different language and want a host who also speaks that language?

You can get all of these non-negotiables taken care of and more. The non-negotiables do not need to simply be within the house but you can also filter between an island getaway and staying in a rustic cabin in the woods. Imagine your perfect scenario and search down to find the place that will fit all your needs and wants collectively.

Read The Reviews of Each Airbnb Vacation Rental

You’d be surprised by the little notes in reviews that can help you out. My mom had hip surgery but without someone stating “the staircases are very narrow and hard to navigate for those with mobility issues” I would not have known this may have been an issue of an otherwise beautiful home. Reviews sometimes showcase what descriptions and photos cannot so make sure to read them.

Not every review showcases the bad and some showcase a thoughtful host. One reviewer explained how the host left them a bunch of baby gear for their stay without them needing to ask. It showed attention to detail and an “above and beyond” frame of mind, and it was appreciated by the guest!

Communicate With Your Airbnb Hosts

You might wonder “How can I be a good guest on Airbnb?”

While there aren’t many secrets on being a 5-star Airbnb guest, there are a few tips on what to do before, during, and after your stay.

Prior to arriving at your Airbnb

The best thing you can do is communicate with your host. This means updating your time of arrival, any changes to your plans, or even asking them for suggestions. Your hosts will vary in terms of what they may offer but including them in your plans and also wanting their personal opinion for a town they may also live in and take pride in show can be a great way to stand out among guests.

During your Airbnb experience

If anything is off – such as a non-working key, a clogged toilet, or a broken appliance – it’s best to let the host know. They probably aren’t aware this isn’t working so sharing and allowing them to mitigate helps everyone.

As you check out from your Airbnb

Please do not hide any dents, bumps, or breaks during your stay. Accidents do happen, and you’re better off letting your Airbnb host know rather than hiding or lying about your mishap. Hosts also benefit from your private and public feedback. Take the time to be honest so they can continue to serve their guests in the best way possible with constructive feedback and praise.

Be Open To The Airbnb Experience

The best thing about Airbnb is that as a guest, you get to live the life of a local. Being open to having a great time, and taking in the Airbnb experience is key to becoming a regular user of Airbnb itself.

Burlington, Vermont was the first trip I ever did with Airbnb and I am still friends with my host almost a decade later. I went into that trip open to exploring the local spots, chatting with my host to learn more about them, and going with the flow during my stay. The best cheese plate I have ever had was specifically suggested by my Airbnb vacation rental host, and we still talk about it to this day.

I could have stayed at a hotel in Vermont but I would never have started my own Airbnb journey which has connected me with dozens of hosts with different life stories. It has allowed me to stay in all kinds of places, like a small farmhouse in West Virginia to a beautiful bungalow in Eastern Maine. I even stayed with my parents in my great-grandparents old home in Washington, Connecticut and was able to sleep in the room my mom slept in when she was a child, which now serves many Airbnb guests!

Sometimes, your next adventure starts with a few clicks and a few filters and a little research. Get ready to pack your bags and let’s go!

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