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Pet-Friendly Home Décor


When it comes to your home, you probably have so many ideas on how you want it to look. Between what you see on Pinterest and Instagram inspiration for home décor, there is no shortage of ideas out there to liven up your living space. But, what if you have a pet (or two, or five)? Is pet-friendly home décor even a thing?

Pets have always had a bad reputation when it comes to keeping a house looking nice. But is that fair? Your furry companions are part of your family, so as much as you want to have a great looking home, you want to ensure that what’s in it is pet-friendly and safe. Luckily, you do not need to forego great home décor, you just need to get a bit creative with it.

Here are some home décor tips and ideas with your pets’ safety and health in mind.

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Pet Safe House Plants

Who doesn’t love a beautiful plant to bring life and color to your home? While some plants are safe for dogs and cats, others are NOT. Here are a few starter plants that are known to be pet-friendly.

  • Spider Plants
  • Venus Flytrap
  • Herbs (Basil, Rosemary, Thyme)

Or opt for simple faux flowers to eliminate all fears of toxic vs. non-toxic plants.

pet safe houseplant

Home Décor Hacks For Fur Babies

Make your home décor pop while also saving you the headache of a pet mishap. Sound too good to be true? Not with these pet-friendly hacks!

Washable Rugs 

Accidents happen but ensuring you have a durable and washable rug can make clean up easier and ensure your rugs continue to look great.

washable rug

Pet-Colored Upholstery

Camouflage the inevitable shedding! It’s not always easy to have your upholstery match your pet. But slipcovers and other accent blankets that match your pet’s fur can be a stop-gap to creating a beautiful interior oasis that keeps your fur baby in mind.

Shorter Curtains

Long curtains can be a recipe for disaster with pets, so finding beautiful and shorter curtains can allow for a way to add privacy to your windows without the headache of a ripped up bottom to the curtains.

Pet-Focused Accent Pieces

Here are some cute accent pieces that will add character to your room, and make life with your pets easier.

Picture Frames vs. Floor-Based Pieces

Having photos up on your walls to add a little bit of color or pop to your room is a safe way to ensure that the items will not get knocked over during an intense game of fetch or when a cat happens to see a bird in the window. 

family portrait photo frames

Throw Pillows

Finding cute and durable throw pillows can bring a bit of color or patterns into any room. The best part is, most throw pillows are affordable so they can get cycled out and put away easily when you are not home. 

You can even purchase pet-friendly throw pillow covers for easy washing and to change out colors for the season.

throw pillows

Sturdy Collectibles

Heavier objects that cannot be knocked over are your best bet when it comes to pets. Like these adorable bookends for your shelves!

cat decor

Pets make our lives better, and they can make our home décor a bit more interesting and unique!

pet friendly

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