The Smartest Ways to Travel Over the Holidays

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There are only a handful of things we all collectively dread more than airline travel during the holidays. The simple thought of the long lines and packed planes is sometimes enough to make us unpack our bags, breathe a sigh, and say maybe next year. However, when you add in the jetlag of COVID-19, which has made people eager to travel, all signs point to 2022 being one of the most hectic holiday travel seasons.

While skipping out on traveling this year poses the simplest solution, it’s not an option most of us want to take — yet again. A significant number of us have not shared space with all our loved ones since the winter of 2019. 

So, weigh those check bags and measure those carry ons — just because you will be setting out on a long winter’s journey does not mean you have to face the drawbacks of holiday season travel. Today, there are various ways to get ahead of the crowds and stress, and easily move from one destination to another with these seven seasonal travel tips.

Book as Early as Possible

Once you become confident that you will be heading out of your state this holiday season, we suggest contacting your airline and tying down a ticket. With so many traveling this season, seats will be confirmed quickly, and prices will begin to shoot up sooner rather than later. So, book early to save those coins! 

As a rule of thumb, our team at Sass Magazine generally suggests booking your Christmas ticket no later than Thanksgiving, and your Hanukkah ticket about four weeks prior to the start of the festival. Airlines tend to mark up prices while we’re all busy wondering what to do with the leftover turkey.

However, we also understand that travel confidence is low and committing to a date can be hard. If you’ve waited to pick your travel dates and can no longer find a ticket, don’t fret. Instead, we suggest looking into budget airlines, who generally maintain low prices, or alternative means of travel like the railroads. 

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If You Can, Carry On

One of the biggest time wasters at airports tends to be checking in the massive luggage we bring rolling in behind us. Before moving on to the clearing area, the airline has to weigh, tag, and send in your bag — if you’re only spending a few days at your holiday location, we suggest traveling light.

In most cases, a carry-on is enough. If you do check a bag, remember to pack some clothes and other essentials in your carry-on just in case your bags don’t arrive at your destination. 

Try the Earliest Flight

Mornings in an airport represent the calm before the storm. The lack of foot traffic during these off hours makes it easier to navigate your way through the building to your gate. We recommend hopping on the earliest flight possible (you often save money too). 

Choosing the early bird flight also allows you to get ahead of any unforeseen delays that may lead to late departures or rescheduled flights. When booking the earliest flight possible, you can be confident your plane will be the first to take off on that route thus avoiding the flight delay ripple effect that may spread throughout the day.

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