7 Thoughtful Gifts for Minimalists

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Anyone else go into crisis mode around holiday gifting? With all of the amazing conscious, earth-friendly trends that have emerged, we’ve been inspired to think of ways to give gifts for minimalists without creating more clutter, more trash, or more toxins in your loved ones’ surroundings! This gift guide is sure to help spark some ideas as we approach the holidays.

An experience

Get them tickets to an awesome band, sporting event, art show, museum, festival, or something you know they will enjoy! You might even treat yourself to going with them! Eventbrite is a great place to start searching for fun activities locally!

A class or workshop they already love or have wanted to try

Get them a few months of their gym membership, or pay for them to try yoga or dance for a month. Class Pass is a great way to gift fitness, as it has so many great local studios to pick from!   If they are back in school, treat them to one of their classes or fund their books for a semester!

Something that make their life easier

I must say, the older I get, the more this excites me! Set them up with a house cleaning service, car washes, a package with their local babysitter or dog walker, or some meals at Blue Apron or Freshly so they don’t have to shop or meal prep. Nothing’s better than the gift of ease!

Gifts for minimalists that level up their entertainment

A music subscription (I use Spotify), book subscription (Audible), or tv subscription makes a great gift. (Did you know Netflix offers gift cards?!)

Every year my Dad pays for my SiriusXM radio in my car and I’m excited about it every single time! You could also pay for them to join a local wine club or social sports league.

Subscription to an awesome conscious company

This gift keeps on giving! It will make their life easier AND reassure them that they are consuming from companies that are toxin and waste conscious. Some I love are Native and Dropps!

Gift cards to places you know they always shop

I realize that gift cards can sometimes feel impersonal… but what’s more personal than a gift to their exact place that they already love? Their favorite hair salon, wherever they get their nails done, their massage therapist, or even a local boutique that you know they always stop into!

thoughtful gifts for minimalists

Quality time

Go and see them! This one is so huge in my opinion. Unless you live super close to all of your family and friends, quality time can be hard to get! Let them know that rather than sending gifts this year, you want to visit them and treat them to a meal!

I hope this has gotten your wheels turning about some unique ways to celebrate your loved ones this year! Comment below to let us know which of these ideas are your favorites, and we’d love to hear other intentional ways you’ve gifted!

Thoughtful gifts for minimalists
Bernadette Solar
Bernadette Soler
Bernadette is a yoga therapist and teacher currently living in Frederick, MD! With over 9 years of teaching experience and a consistent dedication to studying and practicing yoga, she has a gift for applying ancient yoga techniques in a simple and effective way to our modern lifestyles. With deep faith in the life-changing power of  a daily yoga practice, she’s excited to help you uncover your potential and feel amazing on a multi-dimensional level.

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1 thoughts on “7 Thoughtful Gifts for Minimalists

  1. Tim Moore says:

    Thank you so much Sass magazine for this wonderful Christmas article. You have given me some great ideas for gifts. These ideas don’t take up space and go in a closet to find another day when purging.

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