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Girl’s Guide to Living the Nourished Life

Nourished Life

Ladies, I’m telling ya… We do everything for everybody.  We serve everyone else except ourselves. If we really want to live a fulfilled, nourished life, find happiness and joy and do things right, we’ve got to do things differently from what we too often believe. We’ve got to get our food, our movement, our relationships and our passions in line at the same time.

So many people think, “Well, I will grow one and then I will maybe grow the other. When I get what I want personally, I will work on my finances. When I get what I want healthily, I’ll build a relationship.” Let’s say goodbye to, “I will be happy when…” It’s time to Live the Nourished Life.

It was through my own health struggles and journey that I discovered how to live my own nourished life.  When I started to discover the foods that supported my body and lifestyle, reduced inflammation and pain, gave me more energy and impacted my mood, I was overjoyed. I discovered lifestyle changes that made me feel amazing!  It was so empowering!!! I discovered a new way of life and I discovered a better version of myself.

Fuel for Life

I keep hearing the word “diet.” I’m often hearing it from clients, friends, my gym peeps and even strangers in the grocery checkout line.

There was once a time when the word diet consumed my life. It was almost like a toxic job that I despised showing up for. It was unhealthy and I was miserable. Ladies, who can relate?

Fueling our bodies with healthy, nourishing foods not only keeps us healthy and happy, but it’s also one of the biggest acts of self-care.  With the farmers market in full swing, it’s the perfect season to try new foods, connect with your farmers and others in the community, experiment with new dishes, enjoy quality time cooking with your family and soak up the incredible benefits of seasonal eating.  This season is all about loving the liver. I love to roast beets (great for the liver) from Pleasant Hill Produce and combine them in an arugula salad with goat cheese and toasted nuts. In addition to liver health, we want to show our gut some love. It’s a sexy word, isn’t it? You’re probably hearing more and more about gut health.  That’s because it’s so important and has a huge impact on the body and mind. I love incorporating fermented foods from Sweet Farm and adding in gut healthy goodies like kefir, kombucha and bone broth. Discovering the right foods for your own uniquely beautiful body is one of the first steps in living the nourished life.

Nourished Life


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Movement for Life

Who doesn’t want to feel sexy this summer wearing shorts, cute wedges and swimwear?  Moving your booty is another act of self-care. Movement comes in many forms and it doesn’t have to be something we dread.  I love working out with friends at the gym, bike riding on the canal with my boyfriend, grabbing a girlfriend and hitting up a weekly yoga class and walking my dog downtown.  It’s important to add in movement every day. Discover what brings you joy and do more of it.

Surrounded for Life

Relationships are a huge contribution to our health and happiness.  Who we choose to surround ourselves with plays a huge part in how we show up every day.  It’s important to have a kick ass tribe of amazing peeps. I discovered this even more so over the past few years.  Be selective of who you let into your circle, create boundaries as needed, choose to spend your time with others who support you and encourage you to show up big.  Nurture and love those relationships just like you would for yourself.

Nourished Life

Fulfilled for Life

The topic of passion and purpose is one I commonly hear from friends and clients.  Especially those who are experiencing a transition in life. Whether you’ve discovered yours or you’re still searching, be patient with your journey.  Get out and try new things. Meet new people and allow space for new opportunities. Who knows, you may discover some new things about yourself along the way.  Make this about you and stay true to yourself. Others may not “get it” and that’s OK. In addition, let’s stop the comparison. We cannot compare our chapter three to someone’s chapter 10.  We are all uniquely, beautifully different.

Loved for Life  

I cannot stress the importance of self-care and self-love.  I often refer to the oxygen mask on the airplane when I talk about self-care.  We have to take care of ourselves to show up bigger for others. No, it’s not selfish…it’s survival!  It’s important to sleep well, love ourselves more with grace, discover things that bring us joy and honor our bodies.

Self-care comes in many forms.  For me, I love gardening, traveling, relaxing in an Epsom salt bath, reading a good book, grabbing coffee or a glass of wine with a girlfriend and volunteering.  Discover what you enjoy and fills your cup. Hold yourself accountable by penciling it into your cute planner like you would a meeting.

Staying Committed to the Nourished Life is so important.  This isn’t a new trendy diet.  It’s a lifestyle and one you have to stay committed to.


Through her business, Farm Girl Fuel, certified Holistic Health Coach Kim Wilson helps women achieve optimal health and wellness without the hang-ups. Her mission is to empower women to live the nourished life. Visit her website at

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