13 Festive Holiday Cocktail Recipes

holiday cocktail recipes

We love a good, cozy winter drink. Throw in some festive flavors, cheerful garnishes and a few Christmas Carols and we’ll be feeling jolly in no time! From eggnogs to mimosas, try one of these holiday cocktail recipes to help you deck the halls this season.

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orange moscow mule
via Cherished Bliss

Orange Moscow Mule Recipe

This traditional wintery cocktail gets an added twist of orange and some cranberry garnish for this perfect holiday cocktail recipe from Cherished Bliss.

white coconut margarita
via How Sweet Eats

White Christmas Margarita

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? Well, here you go! This tasty white margarita has a secret ingredient — coconut! So, you’ll get your white Christmas with a side of island flavor!

holiday mimosas
via Fresh Coast Eats

Holiday Pomegranate Mimosa

Give the classic mimosa a holiday twist with some pomegranate juice and rosemary sprigs. This drink is super easy to make — just mix some champagne, pomegranate juice, lime and sugar. Enjoy!

vanilla chai white russian
via Half Baked Harvest

Vanilla Chai Tea White Russian

Add a little bit of the spicy flavor of chai tea with the traditional flavors of vodka and kahlua and you’ve got this cozy cocktail from Half Baked Harvest.

Christmas Vacation cocktail

The Cousin Eddy

An ode to the all-time classic, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, this holiday cocktail will make you have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas. The simple combination of Jameson, Kahlua and Egg Nog will not disappoint.

sparkling holiday cocktail
via Olive Jude

Partridge in a Pear Tree

This elegant and light sparkling cocktail is perfect for a holiday dinner party or even a brunch. The crisp taste of pear from the Pear Vodka combined with fresh rosemary makes this a deliciously refreshing libation that everyone is sure to love.

Hot Ginger & Coconut Buttered Rum

This amazingly delicious hot ginger and coconut buttered rum cocktail will warm you up on a chilly day. Fireplace optional, but definitely recommended!

winter holiday cocktail
via All Style Life

Bonfire S’mores Cocktail

Everyone loves a good s’more when the weather turns cold. But, why not add some Bailey’s and make it a cocktail instead? EVEN BETTER! (plus, this cocktail by All Style Life just looks so adorable!)

whiskey ginger cocktail

Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

This super easy recipe for a whiskey and ginger (also known as A Horse’s Neck) was first served around the time of the Civil War. But it’s high time it makes a comeback! With a nice spicy and refreshing flavor, it’s a great year round sipper.

holiday eggnog cocktail
via Craft & Cocktails

Spiked Holiday Eggnog

Nothing says holidays more than eggnog! A batch of this easy spike eggnog holiday cocktail can be whipped up in just a few minutes! The combination of flavors from milk, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg give it a spiced, melted ice cream taste…but with booze!

hot cocoa and rum recipe
via Bitz & Giggles

White Chocolate Rum Hot Cocoa

A combo of white chocolate, marshmallows, drizzles of chocolate and a big swirl of whipped cream is an ultimate wintery indulgence. Curl up by a fire and enjoy this warm and delicious cocoa.

citrus winter cocktail
via Half Baked Harvest

Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail

This cocktail uses freshly squeezed citrus juice (blood orange, grapefruit, clementine or really any other citrus juice will work), sweetened with ginger beer, and made boozy with some vodka. Just mix everything up in a cocktail glass, or a pitcher if you’re making a big batch, then top with ginger beer and garnish with a few festive pomegranates. Yum!

christmas bourbon cocktail

Bernard’s Bourbon Cider

We recommend watching The Santa Clause (1994) with this bourbon with orange bitters concoction pairs well with other holiday movies, decorating the house, or holiday party madness.

festive cocktails
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