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5 Steps to a Vegan Lifestyle

vegan lifestyle

One of the most popular lifestyle choices these days is going vegan. Although this is often confused with being vegetarian, people with a vegan lifestyle avoid eating meat, dairy and products derived from animals. According to The Food Revolution Network, international food delivery service has marked veganism as one of 2018’s top consumer trends. In recent years, vegan meal options have gone up 94%.

Those who enjoy the raw foods trend also have interests in veganism. Their meals are composed of fruit, vegetable and grain choices. It is possible to plan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts all from raw produce. presents the 80% carbohydrates, 10% fats and 10% proteins vegan diet as an organized option. Another easy approach is to simply begin with foods that you already love to eat.

1. Start with What You Know

Most people have some favorites when it comes to fruits and vegetables. This could be anything from a salad to a casserole. Starting with these dishes is one step toward a vegan lifestyle. These can be substituted for meats in your diet. One example is to use vegetable sticks and dip to replace an appetizer sized dish, such as chicken strips.

Since this is one small portion of an average meal, you will not mind the change. Experimenting with the replacement process doesn’t have to be stressful. Choose snacks, dishes and meals that you already enjoy for this substitution. Grapes, nuts and berries make a terrific alternative to something like milk chocolate covered candies. Make a list of foods that are a good fit for you currently.

2. Choose One Meal at a Time

There’s no need to change the entire way that you eat in one fowl swoop. Choosing one meal at a time to change is sufficient. Breakfast meats, such as bacon and sausage are available in vegan products. Soy flavored patties can be found in sausage selections. Apple sage and smoked links are terrific choices for making a hash with potatoes and onions.

You will discover a lot of ways to tailor specific dishes. Increasing you spice collection is helpful, too. If you’re looking for a particular taste, work to make vegan products appeal to you. Lasagna, tacos, enchiladas and various other meals can all be made with soy crumbles, vegan cheese sauce and noodles. Utilizing specialty grocery stores is a great way to stock up on menu ingredients.

3. Incorporate New Items in Your Vegan Lifestyle

Cooking vegan dishes can be a lot of fun when you incorporate new items. Not everyone eats Brussel sprouts or cauliflower on a regular basis. Trendy options have made these vegetables super stars. You can roast your sprouts in a vegan Italian dressing with delicious spices for 20 to 30 minutes. Surprisingly these are versatile options for side dishes or to use in salads.

Cauliflower may be one of the most popular vegetables these days. This vegetable can be mashed into a potato consistency or found in a rice shaped product. You can prepare it with a veggie broth to make whatever you want. Adding these alternate items to an existing meal, even one with meat can tailor your taste buds. This will help you when you begin eliminating dairy and meat selections.

4. Eliminate Foods Slowly

Making a choice to practice plant-based dietary living is not a small thing. It should take time to not only decide but to execute. One key part of this process is to start eliminating dairy and meat from your diet. This can be done one item at a time or one meal at a time. The choice is yours depending on your motivation. Fortunately, there are many great products available to help with the transition.

Tempeh and Seitan are two delectable meat substitutes that are extremely versatile. They can be found in deli slices or in loaf products. It is possible to use these for meat loafs or sandwiches. Vegan condiments and cheese are accents to a wide array of dishes. These help as you eliminate meat and dairy on your path toward a vegan lifestyle.

5. Select Your Schedule

Choose the schedule that best suits you when it comes to a vegan lifestyle. Give yourself several months or an entire year to make the transition. It is not necessary to literally go cold-turkey all at once. Following steps to veganism at your own pace is a recommended alternative. This allows you to find your comfort zone and also determine if this is a short-term choice.


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  1. ShDonna Drumgoole says:

    Great article!! These ideas are exactly what I needed as my family and I embark on a vegan lifestyle!!

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