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Boss Lady Style Tips: How to Dress Like a Million Bucks

style tips

Ready to elevate your look? Despite what you might think, having great style and owning a classy wardrobe doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. Luckily, there are plenty of simple things that you can do to look more expensive – and we’ve rounded up our favorite style tips.

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Less Is More

Every true boss lady will tell you that monochromatic outfits always look expensive. The simplicity of a minimalist outfit gives your look an elevated vibe which is comparable to a high-end style. If you are all for achieving this look, just stick to a curated color palette and pair basic pieces in neutral tones (black, white, beige, taupe), like a simple white cotton top with a good-quality white linen skirt or pegged pants and you will see the difference.

style tips


The easiest way to instantly make your outfit look more expensive is by adding the right accessories. A chic pair of sunglasses, a good-quality handbag and a few pieces of well-chosen fine jewelry are all items you can use to create that expensive look you want. Layer a few single-strand slim gold necklaces in different lengths and add a pair of diamond (or zirconia) studs to complete your look.

Take Care of Your Clothes

The “just rolled out of bed” look doesn’t work if you are going for the more elevated style. Regardless of the price tag, clothes that are visibly worn-out and in poor condition always downgrade any outfit. Therefore, always steam or iron your clothes before you leave the house, fix any broken items and don’t forget to remove the pet hair. Although it may take an extra 5 to 10 minutes in the morning, following this style tip will make a world of difference. Besides being a great way to elevate your look, taking care of your clothes will help you save money from having to buy new ones.

Tailor Your Clothes

Fit is everything when it comes to looking put-together. A well-fitted pair of jeans, a perfectly tailored blazer and a summer dress which hugs you in all the right places can make a huge difference in your look. Find an experienced tailor and have all your clothes fitted to your exact frame. You may not think it is a big deal, but slouchy clothes very rarely look elevated. After all, a polished look always feels more expensive.

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

Even in warm climates or summer months, if you want to look like a million bucks, avoid showing too much skin. Looking “expensive” is directly related to looking classy and wearing clothes that are too revealing doesn’t help your look feel high-end. Always aim for balance and choose lightweight, breathable and natural fabrics rather than revealing clothing to stay cool.

style tips

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