Business Spotlight :: Kannavis Trading Co.

Kannavis Trading Co. is a wellness education and supply store located in Urbana, Maryland whose goal is to provide customers with high quality products that complement its sister company, Kannavis dispensary. Set your notions of a head shop aside — this store prides itself on professionalism, selling only lab-tested products and educating their staff through intense product training. Though located within the lobby of the dispensary, KTC operates independently.

Give us a brief description of your business and what you do:

We carry a wide variety of products — tablets, bath bombs, lotion, oils, tinctures — any way you can think to use or take CBD, we have it here. We carry electronic products that can be used with medical cannabis, such as handheld vaporizers and infusers. In addition, we offer educational books and work with Curious Iguana in downtown Frederick to expand consumer knowledge of CBD. We even carry items for pets! We have an online e-commerce store where people can shop as well:
Business Spotlight : Kannavis Trading Co.

What makes your business stand out?

Our staff, our selection, and our mission make us stand out. We take a lot of pride in training our staff. They’re knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. They’ll listen to your concerns and direct you to what will work best for you. We try to meet the needs of everyone who walks through our doors.

What is a typical day like?

Comparable to other retail settings, we have a lot of customers who stop in to browse and ask us questions. We spend a lot of time building relationships and have customers who will come in multiple times a week to chat with us. We spend time making sure we’re up to date, researching clinical studies and studying products that are in our store or coming to our store.

What is the best part about what you do?

Most Challenging? The best part of our job is helping people. Some days we see customers come in and they’re in pain, such as an elderly person with arthritis. It’s rewarding to see them come back into the store feeling happier and healthier. They can pick up their grandkids and babysit again. The most challenging part of our job is making sure our product selection is top quality. We do a ton of research to make sure everything we carry is lab tested. You can get CBD products anywhere now, and they’re not all created equally. We strive to seek out and carry the best products on the market.
Business Spotlight :: CBD - Kannavis Trading Co.

What changes do you see happening in your business in the next year? In 5 years?

We expect to see a lot of growth in product selection. There are new things coming out all the time. We aim to create more connections and collaborations with local companies. Once people outside of Frederick County start learning about us, we hope to see our online store grow.
Describe your customers: We see all genders, all races, and all ages — from younger adults to the elderly. There’s not one specific type of person that comes through our door. We take great care to make sure we form individual relationships with our customers and that they’re happy with their purchase.

What matters most to you in your business?

Our ability to help people. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome. No one should ever feel like an outsider or be afraid to ask questions. There’s no question we won’t find the answer for — we make it our mission to find you the right answer and help you on your wellness journey.
Many people who come in don’t have a lot of knowledge about CBD — they’ve heard about it from a friend or news article, and they are willing to try it as part of their health and wellness regimen. Ultimately they’re the people who come back time and time again.
Kannavis Trading Co.
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