How To Stay Energized While Social Distancing

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During this time of social distancing, being socially distant can be draining. Tired of self-isolation? Craving connection? Looking for new ways to stay energized since you can’t go have a wild and empowering hang out with your trusted partners in crime?

We feel that! We’re all a bit anxious at home and we miss the rejuvenating energy of our posse. To combat that depressed or anxious feeling, a lot of women and even men are doing virtual happy hour, trunk picnics, car parades, and the “Don’t Rush” challenge.

Stay Energized: Grab a Glass and Toast to Virtual Happy Hour 

Yes. You can have happy hour during covid-19! Grab your glass, big or small, and fill it up. Set the tone and make it your own. The unique situation that quarantine presents us with can lend to creativity – get crafty with your cocktails. A mulled wine? Hey, whatever is in the kitchen is up for grabs!

First, plan ahead to ensure it goes smoothly. Pick a platform that everyone can access and pick a theme. 

Second, reach out. Think of who you want to have the virtual happy hour with. Is it your work friends, or friends from childhood? Start a group message. Ask them what day of the week and time they would be able to connect because you miss their face! A small group of people works for Facetime. A group of more than three requires Zoom or Google Meet as your platform. 

Third, pick a theme. Once you pick one, have someone be the moderator to break the ice and keep a flow going. Remember to keep it fresh and fun! You know you haven’t seen these people in what feels like forever, girlfriend. If you all use to watch Sex and the City or are gushing over some hot actor, that is your theme. Run with it! 

Stay Energized With A Trunk Picnic 

I know what you are thinking. What in the world is a trunk picnic? It is literally what is says, a picnic in your trunk. 

What if I don’t have a large trunk, you ask? You still can join in on the fun for a picnic! Roll those windows down. Parking lots are empty and you can crank those speakers you never knew had all that bass. Bring your snacks, but leave the adult beverages at home, and share some stories. 

You just might have to talk a little louder than normal since you are 6 feet away. No rules being broken here. 

Honk and Wave in a Car Parade

Another new craze is car parades. When I first saw a car parade, I was confused. I heard all these horns honking and cars in what looked like a never-ending line drive by me. They were celebrating teachers and sure looked happy to be out. Teachers have also brought happiness to their students, who waved to them in their front yards, for a car parade.

Car parades are a new, socially distant way to celebrate. A lot of birthdays and other celebrations have passed people by because they are missing human interaction. Honk that horn and have a cute message on a piece of poster paper to let that person know you love them and miss them. Give them a heads up when you are coming!

Stay Energized With The Pandemic Beauty Trend: The “Don’t Rush” Challenge

The “Don’t Rush” challenge is a social media craze. It’s a video that starts with the featured star (you) before you get dressed up (people are often in robes!). Then, with a flick of a makeup brush over the camera lens- or whatever prop you have at home – you are revealed in your finest glam! You toss that makeup brush off-screen and the video switches to your friend, who catches the brush and repeats the sequence for themself. You may have seen celebrities or teens doing these videos on Facebook or Tik Tok. A couple of newscasters reversed the challenge and dressed down rather than dressed up since we see them “made up” every day. 

Here’s your to-do list before you get started:

  1. Procure at least 2-3 friends to do it with you.
  2. Your dressed down clothes or lounge clothes
  3. Make-up, hair styling tools
  4. An outfit for business or play.
  5. Of course, you need your phone to record it and background music if you like. A majority of the challenge videos have the song “Don’t Rush” by Young T and Bugsie featuring Headie One, following suit from the creators of the trend.
  6. And don’t forget an object that everyone puts in front of the camera before the “magic happens” or when you go from blah to fabulous! This can be a make-up brush, a hairbrush, a hat from your uniform, or a unique object that speaks to your profession.
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