How To Throw A Gluten Free Dinner Party

Gluten free dinner party with friends

gluten free dinner

Positive Preparation For Your Gluten-Free Dinner Party:

Please be aware of cross-contamination while cooking and serving the food.  Nothing is worse than spending hours prepping a delicious, gluten-free meal just to spoil it by cross-contamination.  It is not a good idea to reuse a kitchen utensil or cutting board that was used on a food that contained gluten.  The best advice is to prep your kitchen beforehand by wiping down all cooking counters/stoves and keeping the entire meal to gluten-free food items.

Keep Your Gluten-Free Dinner Party Simple:

Keep your dinner menu basic.  Everyone loves a good piece of NON-breaded meat served with fresh fruits and vegetables, all of which are gluten-free!  Think grilled instead of fried. Not only is this an extremely healthy option for all, but the safest menu for your guests at your gluten-free dinner party.

Read the Labels:

Pay attention to the complicated ingredients listed on packages. Read carefully over the ingredient list for any food item that is processed.  Nowadays, most companies will advertise if their product is gluten-free.  If it is not labeled gluten-free, read those ingredients.  The list of ingredients to avoid is huge, but anything that says wheat, rye, malt, or made with soy sauce should be taken off the menu.  Still not sure?  Skip it!  Your gluten-free dinner party will thank you! Remember, keep it simple. Need some help? Check out our guide for reading nutrition labels.

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Watch the Gluten-Free Substitutions:

While perusing the gluten-free section at the grocery store, you find a box recipe for bread or brownies. Be careful! The gluten-free version will NOT taste like the regular version. Many times these items have a much different texture or aftertaste than expected. It’s easier to change your gluten free dinner party menu than try to replicate an item with a gluten-free option. Not only are these items more expensive, but many of the gluten-free items have more calories per serving than their gluten-filled counterparts.

Gluten-Free for ALL:

It is easier to create a gluten-free menu for everyone to enjoy versus a specialized menu for one. Remember, your friends came over to visit you, not to watch you sweat it out in the kitchen.  Keep things as simple as possible by serving the same delicious and delectable foods to everyone. Here’s my favorite gluten free dinner recipe. It’s simple, quick and fun.

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Gluten Free Taco Night Dinner Party

Appetizer: Tortilla chips and dips!  Most brand name tortilla chips are made out of corn and are naturally gluten-free. The same with salsas.  For queso and guacamole dips, just check the ingredients to be sure!

Main Dish: Hard corn taco shells or corn tortillas are key.  This can be coupled with gluten-free taco meat or fajita meat.  If you are worried about finding a gluten-free season mix, then stick to the basics!  Fajita meat is simply grilled, seasoned meat!

Dessert: Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than ice cream!  As long as the flavor does not mention a gluten-filled food in the title like cookies/cream or brownie flavored, you should be fine!  You can always add gluten-free toppings (nuts, whipped cream, cherries) to make sundaes!

Armed with your new knowledge, it’s time to get to preppin’!  Oh and remember… all rums and tequilas are gluten-free (WHEW!) so get those drinks poured too!  Surprise your friend with a gluten free dinner and think about how many extra BFF points you will earn with your thoughtfulness!  

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