A Different Approach to Quiet Quitting

quiet quitting at work

There’s a new workplace trend that is dividing people. ‘Quiet quitting’ is where you’re not outright quitting your job, but you’re quitting the idea of going above and beyond. You are still performing your duties fully, but you are no longer subscribing to the hustle culture that says work must be our life.

The controversy around quiet quitting has gained momentum on TikTok where Gen Z and Millennials are pushing back against the expectations of going above and beyond at their workplaces for the same salary. Is this the solution to workplace burnout as some suggest? Or, as others argue, should we be celebrating those who go above and beyond for choosing to have a strong work ethic?

What if it is neither? What if, rather than picking a side of the argument to agree with and fight for, we took a step back, asked questions and looked from another perspective?

Whether you are an employer addressing this issue or an employee who adheres to the quiet quitting philosophy or works with those who do, what if there could be a level of contribution between employers and staff that provided a fun and supportive workplace and created something greater for everyone?

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Two tips for employers to create a workplace of happy, relaxed and thriving employees:

Learn To Relax

As an employer, when you’re looking at a scenario and the stress is rising because you’re wondering how you are going to get something done or if there will be enough money to pay the bills, take a deep breath and relax. Focusing on a problem in a state of anxiety does not lead to solutions. Ask questions instead. What else is possible? Who else can I talk to? What else can I add to this business? When you ask questions, you literally open your mind to awareness and the possibilities you could not see before.

Relaxation does not mean sitting back and being lazy. Relaxation is an action. When you take the action of asking questions, you will have more ease and more joy which not only provides you the clarity of what your business requires, it trickles down to your employees thus creating a culture of joy and relaxation which increases productivity and reduces burnout.

Out of The Box

Each of your employees was hired to fulfill a particular role. What if you did not limit them to that? Are there other things they enjoy that could be added to their role that would be fulfilling for them and add value to the company? What if you let them out of the box of their job description and asked them, “What are you aware of that we could do differently here? Or what things do you see that are working? What suggestions do you have to increase our success? What talents and abilities do you have that are not being utilized here? Are there other teams you would like to be involved with?”

Ask questions. Listen. Act where you can. Each of your employees has their own awareness, gifts, and talents. When you engage and create with them, they get to be a part of something greater and begin to recognize their value add.

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Calling all employees! Here are the two tips for you:

Gratitude Changes Everything

Regardless of your position on quiet quitting, grumbling about work, money, co-workers, and employers will create anxiety and stress. If you would like to change that, write down three to five things that you are grateful for about everything you are currently grumbling about. What do you like about your job? What are the positive attributes of the people you work with? Think about what you are grateful for about the money you are receiving?

Gratitude creates relaxation, ease in your body and always makes your life greater.

If You Could Have Anything As Your Life, What Would It Be?

If you are a supporter of the quiet quitting philosophy, while you are at the workplace, are you 100% committed? Are you present? Giving it your all for the time you are being paid for? If the answer is no, do you truly desire to do the job?

Many of us are not taught to look at what it is we desire our lives to be. We take on jobs because we require money or because we followed the career path that someone else said we should follow or any number of other reasons. Ask, “If I could have anything as my life, what would it be?”. We live in a world where we have choices. Clarify what it is you desire and start creating it.

Whether you are an employer or staff member, clarify what you desire in your life and go towards it. Ask questions. Engage with one another. Relax. Play. Have fun. What if there could be a level of contribution, co-creation, joyfulness and play between staff and employees that has not yet existed on planet earth? And, if more businesses functioned this way, would the conversation of quiet quitting even exist? Or would we be creating a world that works for us all?

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Simone Milasas
Simone Milasas

Simone Milasas is an innovative business leader, best-selling author, global speaker, and self-confessed compulsive creator. Her capacity for wealth creation catapulted her from $187K in debt to being a multi-millionaire with a thriving and diversified portfolio. Simone’s approach to business for the past 30 years cannot be found inside a textbook.

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