The Skeptic’s Guide to Manifesting

Skeptics Guide To Manifesting Your Dreams and Goals

All this talk about manifesting got you rolling your eyes? Desperately wishing you were more “woo” and could believe it would work for you too? As a practical, type-A, keep-your-head-down and do the work person, I’ve struggled with this. I’m skeptical, but also envious of those who do believe in manifestation. I want to bring my desires to life, too!

I’m a money coach. I believe in math and numbers and spreadsheets – but also that the only reason any of that matters is so you get what you want. I teach my clients how to get the life they truly, uniquely desire with the money they already have – and then how to create even more.

When I look back over the progress in my life, it has always followed this path:

  1. I want it
  2. I create it
  3. Isn’t it amazing?

What if manifestation didn’t have to be mystical? What if it could be easy and accessible to all of us?

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Want It

Ask yourself, “What do I want my life to look and feel like?” Write it all down in a doodle, scratch-pad, or journal. This is not a to-do list, it’s “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”

A question opens the mind, a statement closes it. This is not the time to state what you don’t have, it’s time for allowing yourself to want what you want, unapologetically and without reason.

Describe what it would look like in detail. You might not know how you’ll get it yet, but if you were writing a description of what you want, what would it say? Why are the specifics? What would it mean to you? What’s the emotion? What sensations are in your body? Can you think of another time that you had these feelings? Transport your mind there, remember with your body.

Create It

When you’ve connected fully to your unique desire, you can put together the game plan. Challenge yourself to take action within 24 hours. Inspiration expires. The first action could be writing it down, telling someone, making a note in your planner — anything to put your plan into motion.

Think back to when you wanted something in the past and you later achieved it. What was the process? Did you write it down? Can you tell someone? Did you state it out loud, talking to yourself as you worked out the details? Retrace your past steps to see what worked for you in the past – and felt good – and recreate whatever that is.

Break down all the steps into small, actionable tasks. You might not know all the steps – and you don’t have to know them all right now. Just tug on the threads of curiosity and let that thread, that step, that conversation, that question, that contact person lead you forward.

Leave some space. Ideas come to us in the shower because it’s one of the rare occasions we have time to hear ourselves think. Are you consuming so much that you don’t have time for your own ideas? Can you be more dedicated to your future possibilities than you are to your current responsibilities?

Try this: Set a timer for 15 minutes. Consider this walking meditation. Feel into the desire, allow hope and ideas to conspire. You’re manifesting!

Isn’t It Amazing?!

This is the phase where gratitude and appreciation come in, but also taking pride in what you have done and looking for evidence that it’s working. Our brains are wired to filter out any information that doesn’t match what we think; it’s a processing mechanism called cognitive bias. If you want to do something you’ve never done before, it stands to reason that you may have to believe something you’ve never believed before. In fact, one definition of “manifesting” is to “show evidence of; or prove.”

Try this: Give yourself mental deposit slips throughout the day. The bank gives you a deposit slip every time you contribute to your account, they don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to tell you what your balance is. Likewise, you don’t have to wait until you’ve achieved your goal to give yourself credit for your progress. Look for proof that it’s working and keep going.

You are capable of creating the life that you want for yourself. If you’re skeptical, you can try this easy, practical formula for manifesting: I want it, I create it, Isn’t it amazing?!

Rachelle Siebke
Rachelle Siebke

Rachelle works with life coaches who want to be smart with their money. They want someone to show them how to manage their finances so that they can make confident decisions based on how they want their life to look and feel — not just a number in the bank. She shows them how to get more of what they want and while doing more of what they love.

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