Unique Gifts for Your Loved Ones (for Under $50)

gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Whether it’s for their birthday, Valentine’s day or the holidays, finding those PERFECTLY unique gifts for your loved ones is a great feeling. Rather than give them the same old thing, try some of our unique gift ideas for all the special people in your life! And the best part is, they are all only $50 or less.

Perfect Gifts for Him

1. Ticket Stub Diary

From Amazon
Just the “ticket” (lol, see what we did there?) for preserving and gathering tickets saved from his favorite sporting events, music concerts, and more. (Price: $10) Buy Now >>

2. Butcher Box Subscription

From ButcherBox
Give a gift that you both can enjoy all year long! Butcher Box offers high quality meat delivered right to your door, so you can skip the store and spend more time together. (Price: $5 per meal) Buy Now >>

3. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

From Amazon
Spice things up with this fun and delicious DIY kit for these artisan hot sauces. Cook up 3 different spicy sauces with Chipotle, Guajillo, and Arbol Peppers. (Price: $40) Buy Now >>

4. Portable Campfire

From Amazon
Go for something outdoorsy and give this unique gift–easy to light & reusable portable campfire for camping, beach, and backyard. (Price: $31) Buy Now >>

5. Travel Tote

From Amazon
This stylish and functional travel tote is the perfect gift to encourage him to take you on a trip! (Price: $50) Buy Now >>


Perfect Galentine’s Gifts

1. Friends Sweatshirt

From Amazon
Rachel and Monica are the epitome of best girlfriends which makes these friends sweatshirts the perfect gift for your BFF! (Price: $40) Buy Now >>

2. Writer’s Ritual Kit

From Almanac Supply Co.
The perfect gift for the friend who loves writing, journaling and all things woo. This kit includes a writer’s ritual directions, candle, crystals and sage. (Price: $35) Buy Now >>

3. Bestie Mug

From Amazon
This mug will delight your bestie! Great for coffee, tea, and, of course, the perfect accessory for her next Instagram pic. (Price: $17) Buy Now >>

4. Champagne For Breakfast Sweatshirt

From Sass Magazine
Let your girlfriends know that you care with their very own custom-designed Sass shirt! Time to breakout the champagne! (Price: $35) Buy Now >>


Perfect Gifts for Kids

1. Fairy Light Craft Kit

From Amazon
This fairy lantern with a light-up lid makes a dreamy night light. And the best part is that you can spend time together making it! (Price: $25) Buy Now >>

2. Best Daughter Sketchbook

From Amazon
Let her know how much you care with this Best Daughter journal. Great for writing, doodling, and drawing for all ages. (Price: $7) Buy Now >>

3. Comfy Sherpa Blanket

From Amazon
Make sure your little ones stay comfy and cozy with this one-size-fits-all wearable blanket. Great for any age! (Price: $40) Buy Now >>

4. Crystal Growing Kit

From Amazon
Feel like a real scientist mixing up ingredients and watching these crystal grow, day by day. Plus, turn on the lights to watch them glow. (Price: $30) Buy Now >>

5. Fuzzy Slipper Socks

From Amazon
Stylish, warm, and cozy, these slipper socks can be worn throughout the winter months for snuggles, movie time, and family night! (Price: $18) Buy Now >>


Perfect Gifts For Your Furbabies

1. Fleece Blanket

From Amazon
Your four-legged friends need to stay comfy and cozy too! Give them this super soft fleece blanket and they’ll be snuggled up in no time. (Price: $14) Buy Now >>

2. Bare Bites

From Bare Bites
These dog and cat treats are produced with minimal ingredients–no chemicals, no additives, no preservatives. Just a little bit of added love and made by a woman-owned company! (Price: $16)
Buy Now >>

3. Bark Box Subscription

From BarkBox
This is the gift your pup will love all year long! This box subscription includes toys, treats, and chews your dog will enjoy all month long. (Price: $35/box) Buy Now >>

4. Rosé All Day Chew

From Wear Wag Repeat
I just want to drink wine and pet my dog! Well, maybe your pup wants to chew on some Rosé all day! You both can wine down with this 3-pack of wine inspired chew toys (includes merlot, rose and champagne!) (Price: $17) Buy Now >>

5. Pet Travel Bag

From Amazon
Take your furry friends with you the next time you travel so you can spend extra time with them! This pet travel tote is great for felines and canines alike, equipped with everything you need for your next trip.  (Price: $38) Buy Now >>

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