Living in Sync: Maximize the Power of Female Hormones

female hormones

Do you ever wonder why you have weeks where everything feels like it’s going great and then weeks where your energy, focus, and confidence are just off? One week you are a task master and then the next week you realize you’ve wasted an hour on Facebook and even accomplishing little tasks feel like a battle.

With our cyclical female hormone changes, there are complementary changes in our energy, emotions, and so much more. And if your hormones are out of balance, that can cause you to feel those changes even more dramatically.

While we can’t avoid these female hormone fluctuations until menopause, we can use these changes to our advantage by recognizing what activities are best during certain times of the month and going with the flow. Let’s talk about the four different parts of our cycle and how to live in sync.

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High Estrogen

During the first half of your cycle, from your period to ovulation, estrogen is the main hormone. Estrogen has body-wide effects so we usually feel pretty great during this time of the month. Specifically, there are receptors for estrogen in your brain so this is a great time to express yourself.


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If you can, plan any work presentations, have that conversation with your significant other you’ve been avoiding, or write things out during this part of your menstrual cycle. You may also feel increased physical energy at this time of the month so it’s a great time to do higher intensity workouts.


A variety of female hormones peak during ovulation so this is prime time for your mental and emotional creativity. This is a great opportunity to dive deep into any creative tasks you’ve been wanting to jump start or just make progress on.

This is also when you may be more open to being cared for by others so ask your friend to help move that couch or watch your kids for a much needed date night. And with all those hormones, you may notice a confidence boost so this would be a great time to ask for a raise or just put yourself out there.

High Progesterone

From ovulation to your period, progesterone is the predominant female hormone. During the second half of your cycle, things are winding down towards your period so planning time to reflect and journal are key. This is a time when we may realize what relationships, work schedules, or boundaries are not serving us. Making time to tap into your inner voice is crucial.

With progesterone as the yin to estrogen’s yang, you may notice your energy start to decrease. Try switching to a less intense exercise like yoga or gentle stretching to match that dip in your energy.


The last phase is your period. Your period happens because most of your female hormones drop so having lower energy and less focus is expected. This is a great time to indulge in more self-care and plan more breaks in your day for rest.

Shift your focus from tackling your to do list to take extra naps or go to bed early. You may feel the desire to reschedule coffee dates and cozy up with a good book or binge watch Netflix instead.

A much overlooked but important part of self-care and rest is to not feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Know that you are making an investment in your health and that a time of increased energy and productivity is just around the corner.

Lowering your expectations of yourself during your period is vital. It is absurd to expect the same level of performance during your period that you experience during times of high estrogen. Unfortunately, our society has shifted to rewarding those who push through at any cost but living in that masculine-driven world doesn’t serve us as women.

By living in sync with our cycle, we can find more enjoyment and natural flow in our lives. If you don’t know where you’re at in your cycle, there are tons of apps available to make tracking a breeze. When you shift your tasks and life to go with the flow of your cycle, you can become a powerful force of nature. When women awaken to their inner power, mountains move.

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dr. ashley russell
Dr. Ashley Russell

Dr. Ashley Russell is the owner and naturopathic doctor at Frederick Natural Health Center in Frederick, Maryland, and an expert on natural treatments for women’s health, specializing in period issues and menopause. In her spare time, she enjoys baking vegan, gluten-free treats, knitting, curling up with a good book, and spending time with her dog, Honey.

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