We’ll Be Cheering On These Amazing Women in the 2024 Summer Olympics

Lara Dallman-Weiss Summer 2024 Olympics interview

Come Friday, July 26, millions across the globe will be tuning into their TV to watch the XXXIII Summer Olympics Games hosted by the city of light, Paris, France. This marks the third time Paris has hosted the Olympics with one in 1900 and again in 1924. We have been keeping an eye on some amazing female athletes and these women in the 2024 summer Olympics will be ones to watch. 

Breakdancing, Skateboarding, Climbing, and 3 x 3 basketball are just a few of the new sports added to this summer’s Olympic games and not to mention, several gender-equal games. 

But what we’re most excited about are the women who will be representing the US of A. Admiring their discipline, hearing their stories of perseverance, and watching them perform like the Goddesses they are. Sass Magazine was fortunate enough to chat with a few of these women in 2024 summer Olympics that will be making their mark.

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Twanisha “Tee-Tee” Terry

Twanisha “Tee-Tee” Terry American sprinter specializing in the 100 meters distance. She earned two major medals as part of U.S. women’s 4 × 100 m relays, including gold at the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

Why the Olympics? What’s your drive, in such a competitive and extremely hard discipline sport?

“The Olympics is something I’ve looked forward to competing in. I remember watching videos of the London 2012 Olympics everyday on YouTube. My motivation is my family, friends, and Teebabies (fan base name). It feels amazing to be a positive example for young girls around the world showing them they could do whatever they put their mind to. Also, for me I know my talent and what I’m capable of which I am able to showcase to the world through my competitions.”

Twanisha “Tee-Tee” Terry. Summer 2024 Olympics interview
“It feels amazing to be a positive example for young girls around the world showing them they could do whatever they put their mind to.”

Lara Dallman-Weiss

U.S. Olympic Sailor Lara Dallman-Weiss is competing in the 1st ever mixed gender sailing event and will mark her second Olympic appearance following her debut at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.  Competing on a 470 Dinghy, a two-person boat with three sails; Lara’s partner 5x olympian Stuart McNay, sits on the side of the boat, while Lara is positioned on a trapeze and hangs off the boat—together, they exemplify the spirit of the first-ever Games to achieve full gender parity and  as part of this brand new mixed Olympic sailing competition, Lara and Stuart are in a prime position to put U.S. Sailing back on the podium and bring home the gold for Team USA for the first time since Beijing 2008.

What’s the hardest thing about competing, not just in the Olympics but overall

The hardest part of competing is what comes before being great. The years of developing the skills required to be at the top of my sport, the years of trial and error with nutrition, the work put in and relationship built with my mental coach, the many times I passed up a late night for an early gym or was tired after training on the water all day and went to lift weights anyways. Also, keeping up with the calories lost on a daily basis. The constant trial and error, falling down, rejection, debt, doubt, missing family, learning new things, injury, and the self belief that is required day in and day out. That is the hardest part of competition and that’s what makes a lifelong elite athlete.”

Lara Dallman-Weiss Summer 2024 Olympics interview
“That is the hardest part of competition and that’s what makes a lifelong elite athlete.”

Alev Kelter

Originally an Olympic hopeful in soccer and hockey, Alev Kelter was the first girl from the state of Alaska to ever be selected for the US Soccer under 14 Olympic Development program, and was also invited to play with the USA National Ice Hockey Team while they were training for Sochi 2014. Shortly after, she pivoted to Rugby where she made her Olympic debut two years after she started playing the sport. She was number one scorer for Team USA. Since then, she’s a 3 time Olympian, the most decorated American rugby player in history, and one of only four people to ever reach one thousand points.

What advice might you have for those wanting to compete in future Olympics?

Never give up. Don’t be afraid to pivot in life and follow your passions! Your mind is your best asset. Believe in your worth and go for it!!”

“Don’t be afraid to pivot in life and follow your passions!”


Ilona Maher

Another amazing woman in the 2024 summer Olympics and Team USA Rugby player is Ilona Maher aka “TikTok Olympian” and has been Named Top 100 athlete to watch at 2024 Olympic Games. Ilona debuted her Olympic journey in Tokyo in 2020 and is ready to lead her team this Summer in Paris. In addition to being a star on the field, Ilona is also the co-founder of Medalist, the first clean skin and body care line specifically tailored for next-generation female athletes and women who sweat. 

Ilona Maher Rugby 2024 Summer Olympics


When they say, “get a girl that can do both.” we have US Army Sergeants competing! It is one thing to serve our Nation (Thank You) and another to represent our nation in the Olympics. These ladies below are triple threats and we’re here for it. 

Staff Sgt. Rachel Tozier

Staff Sgt. Rachel Tozier, shooting is a family affair – one that would take her to the Army and all the way to the Olympics. She grew up in a small town where she learned to love shooting alongside her uncle, mother, and stepfather. In 2017, the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) asked her to join, opening up new possibilities and support for her sport. Since then, Tozier has trained for and served as an alternate for the Olympics in hopes to make a return one day. Among her other accolades, she has taken home silver at the 2019 Pan American Games and bronze in 2023; she’s also a multi-time International Shooting Sport Federation medalist. Still, her proudest accomplishment has been pursuing her master’s degree in sports and health sciences while serving. 

Sgt. Sagen Maddalena Summer 2024 Olympics

Sgt. Sagen Maddalena

Shooting didn’t always come naturally for Sgt. Sagen Maddalena, but her work ethic and determination are now taking her to her second Olympic Games. As a kid, she would practice shooting for hours on end, motivated by her goal of competing against – and beating – the boys in the sport. Her skills were noticed by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), and she joined the Army with championship notches under her belt. Maddalena competed in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics for the 50m smallbore shooting event, an experience she’ll now get to have again in Paris. This time she’s qualified for a different shooting discipline, using the air rifle at the Games for the first time. Inspired by her team of fellow Soldiers and always finding time to mentor young shooters, Maddalena is proving how women and Soldiers can defy expectations.


We will be cheering on these amazing women in the 2024 summer Olympics come July and hope you will be too! 

Yes indeed and in my best Shania Twain voice, let’s go girls!

Ashley-Victoria Smith
Ashley-Victoria Smith

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