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Smart Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

small bathroom ideas

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Small bathrooms can be a challenge. You want to keep everything accessible, but neat and organized. If you’re ready to make your space a bit more functional, here are some small bathroom ideas for you!

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Use Shelves and Baskets

Bathroom shelves not only keep your things stored and organized, but they can also make your bathroom look more polished. Instead of having your toiletries and beauty tools laying around, stow them away in cute and convenient baskets on handy shelves. It will feel and look much better!

Optimize Your Bathroom Vanity

A roomy vanity provides plenty of storage for your bathroom products and cleaning supplies. Try using the drawers, if you have them, for smaller items or things you use regularly. Save the deeper cabinets for bulky items or things you don’t need to get at every day. There are plenty of pre-assembled vanities available at your home improvement store, or you can have one custom-built to suit your space. Either way, make sure you leave some room between the vanity and your shower to prevent water damage.

Install a Linen Cabinet

You can certainly custom-build a linen cabinet in any nook and cranny, but even the pre-assembled ones come in a wide variety of sizes. Don’t assume that just because you have a tight space you can’t find a linen cabinet that will fit. Consider a floor-to-ceiling super narrow linen cabinet. Or if you’re out of corners or can’t find a traditional space that would work, look into a suspended or wall-mounted cabinet.

Hang Towel Racks

One of the challenges with a small bathroom can be finding a place to hang towels, robes, and clothes. If you’re short on wall space, consider an over the door towel rack. Installing an over the door towel rack is straightforward and requires no tools, though it’s a good idea to add some foam behind the hooks so they don’t scratch your door.

Inspired? Go ahead! Take these small bathroom ideas and make the most of your space, while making sure it looks good and functions well.

small bathroom ideas

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