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How Affirmations Change Your Mindset in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day


Have you been trying to learn a new skill? Stay true to a new habit? Improve any and every aspect of your life? Well, this latest craze might be exactly what you need to conquer any new venture you set your mind to (or don’t even have on your radar yet). Incorporating affirmations into one’s daily life has taken the internet by storm, and those that are jumping on the bandwagon are seeing results.

So, what are affirmations and how can you harness their powers? 

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Mindset Magic

Affirmations are traditionally defined as showing something is true, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. But what does this have to do with your mindset? Those that harness the power of affirmations accept the things they wish to have as true. They are thankful for the abundance they will receive and thus go out and take the steps necessary to receive that abundance.

Affirmations in Practice

So, how do you get in on this power?

Step #1 Decide on Your Goals

What are you really looking to get out of your affirmation practice? Increased confidence? Happiness? Peace? 

Write these goals down somewhere you see them often, like as a widget on your phone or on your bathroom mirror. 

Step #2 Select Affirmations that Align With Your Goals

Affirmation inspo can come from anywhere and they can be as simple as “I am worthy” and as complex as you want to make them. 

Find the affirmations that not only align to your goals, but resonate with you on a deep level as well. In the beginning, be sure to write these down with your goals as well so you can start memorizing them.

Step #3 Practice

Practice makes permanent! Take 5 minutes a day to practice your affirmations until you don’t need your paper anymore.

Step #4 Embody Your Affirmations

As you start to remember your affirmations, let them weave themselves into your daily life. For example, if one of yours is “stay calm,” flash back to this affirmation when you feel a wave of panic coming on.

There you have it! Four simple steps to mold your mindset into a space you can quickly grow to love.


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