Media Pitching 101: A How to Guide for Small Businesses

media pitching basics

Getting media coverage for your small business can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. But how do you go about pitching your story to the media? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of crafting a compelling pitch and landing media coverage for your business.

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So, you have an amazing product, service, event, or story to share. You’ve probably shared the news with your friends and family as well as your social media followers and email list. But if you’re looking for ways to expand your reach even further, It’s time to do some media pitching!

“But, I don’t think what I am doing is THAT exciting…” This is probably the most common thought people have prior to media pitching. However, you most likely DO have something amazing to say that could catch the eye of the media…if pitched correctly. Here’s how to effectively get media coverage with a great media pitch.

What is media pitching and what does a great pitch include?

Simply put, a media pitch is the email in which you ask the writer to cover your story and tell her WHY she should include you. When you write your pitch, you’re aiming to establish yourself as the go-to source for this bit of information and succinctly explain how/why the platform’s audience will benefit from your specific information or product. Remember to:

  • Emphasize your qualifications and any interesting angle you can provide.
  • Connect to the platform’s target audience and their interests.
how to get media coverage

What makes a good media pitch?

Here are a few components of a quality media pitch that will help get eyes on your story:

  • Start with a catchy subject line for your email. What would make the writer open your email vs. moving onto the next pitch in their already full inbox.
  • Be personal and do your research. Mention the writer’s name and/or their publication’s name as well as any related stories they have written. This shows you took the time to research them and their publication.
  • Be short and sweet. Keep it to a few short paragraphs. Know your “ask” and how to substantiate it with your expertise, story, and passion for the subject matter.

How to Write The Pitch

Follow the tips below to effectively write a media pitch:

  • Start by briefly introducing yourself and your business.
  • Introduce your story idea and why you are the perfect expert to share this information.
  • Provide a few quick points about how you will share the information.
  • Offer to connect in order to answer follow-up questions or provide additional information if needed.
how to write a media pitch

Possible Pitch Ideas

If you are still stumped on what topics to pitch to the media, here are some great starting points:

  • Common FAQ’s that you can answer and be a resource for.
  • How you started your business or how you’ve gotten to where you are.
  • An obstacle you’ve overcome in your business and life — don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.
  • Share the tips and tricks of your product, service, or story and why it differs from others.
  • Why your event is a must-attend and how it will connect to their target audience.

It’s All in the Follow Up

Remember, the connection doesn’t stop after you hit SEND. When pitching to the media, remember:

  • Follow-up if they don’t reply within a week.
  • Follow-up at least twice, especially if you are interested.
  • Be available if they do reply and get them whatever they need ASAP.

A lack of reply or a “no” does not equal a “no” forever. It just means the story did not resonate at that moment. Continue to create and build media connections because you might have another pitch in the future that may be a perfect fit for a future story. Don’t give up after one pitch!

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