Celebrate Your Girlfriends With These Galentine’s Day Ideas

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We encourage you to celebrate your girlfriends with these Galentine’s Day ideas! Perhaps this isn’t so surprising, but adult friendships enrich your life and are essential for your overall health and well-being. Surrounding yourself with a great group of girlfriends can enhance your sense of belonging in the world, make you feel happier, improve your self-esteem, and get you through the hard times.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is celebrated each year on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. The holiday was founded by Amy Poehler’s badass fictional character, Leslie Knope, during the second season of the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation in 2010. In the episode she gathers a group of her closest gal pals for a brunch full of waffles and love. And the rest is history (or should we say “herstory“?).

While Galentine’s Day isn’t an official holiday (yet), it is gaining in popularity as women across the country. So, when February 13 rolls around, you may want to try these six Galentine’s Day ideas to honor the girlfriends in your life!

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Our 7 Favorite Galentine’s Day Ideas:

1.  Send Your Friends a Love Letter

Take time to tell your friends how much you value and appreciate them by sending them a Galentine’s Day card. Even though it’s easy to log on to Facebook or shoot an email out to your closest circle of girlfriends, there’s something special about mailing old-fashioned handwritten notes. Share a particular memory that you have of them, remind them of a silly incident that occurred between you or thank them for the time they showed up during one of your most difficult seasons. Taking the time to pen a handwritten letter shows that you genuinely thought of your friends and are grateful for the bond you have.

2.  Buy Them Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gesture for celebrating friendships on Galentine’s Day. Your gal pals will appreciate a beautiful bouquet of roses or a bright and colorful floral arrangement. If you want to do something slightly different, send them a beautiful plant instead. Indoor plants offer many health benefits, including natural air purification and even promoting positive thoughts. Fresh herb plants make great gifts, as well, as you can use them in cooking. An indoor plant may also survive longer than regular flowers and will be able to withstand winter weather inside a cozy home.

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3.  Make a Spa Day Appointment

Is there anything more enjoyable than a spa day with your best girlfriends? This Galentine’s Day, consider making an appointment for a mani-pedi, massage, facial or other relaxing body treatment. You and your friends will appreciate the chance to get pampered without having to worry about daily responsibilities like picking up the kids or what you’re making for dinner. Call around. There are probably several spas offering holiday or group discounts on spa packages for you and your friends to take advantage of.

4.  Attend a Zoom Wine Time

If your friends happen to live in various states, consider setting up a Zoom wine time to bring everyone together and make a virtual toast to your friendship. A video meeting will allow everybody to catch up with one another simultaneously.

While it’s not the same as getting together in person, it will still be nice to see everyone’s smiling faces on the screen. Studies have shown that loneliness can lead to multiple health risks, and just having a few positive relationships in your life — even from afar — carries physical and mental benefits. Don’t let distance lead to isolation; you can keep your friendships strong by getting creative!

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5.  Go for Brunch

Of course, if everyone lives near one another, consider gathering your girlfriends for a pitcher of mimosas at your favorite brunch spot. Make it extra fun and have your gal-pal party wear matching outfits or coordinating colors. You can even bring a fun game to play or exchange gifts with each other. Remember to mark the special occasion with a group photo and update it every year.

6. Girls Night In

You don’t have to go out to have a great time with your girls! Host a dinner party and ask everyone to bring their favorite side dish or dessert. Or, equally as fun, cook dinner together! Or, you could try a movie marathon. Grab some cushy pillows and blankets, pop some popcorn and stream your favorite chick flicks. Invite your friends over for a slumber party complete with face masks, nail polish, wine and chocolate (Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board game is optional!).

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7.  Sign Up for Group Activities

Try something different with your friends this Galentine’s Day and sign up for a class. Whether it’s cooking, painting or mixology, learning something new as a group is a great way to celebrate friendship. You can even invite your friends over for an at-home cooking party where you can prepare a special meal together. Lots of laughter and fun stories are bound to come from it.

Other fun ideas for group activities may include:

Make Memories for a Lifetime

As our favorite gal pal Leslie Knope says in “Parks and Recreation,” Galentine’s Day is all about “ladies celebrating ladies.” We hope these Galentine’s Day ideas will inspire you to celebrate with your besties. However, what you decide to do isn’t what matters most. Instead, cherish the quality of time you get to spend with friends and focus on making beautiful memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.  

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