Content Sharing 101: The 5 Best Tips and Tricks to Sharing Guest Content

Content Sharing 101 For Blogging and Social Media

At Sass Magazine, we are lucky to receive quality content from writers around the globe. The best part is, everyone brings their own ideas, expertise, and stories to the table. And what is life without sharing these things with others? We wanted to create a guide that not only helps OUR writers find ways to share their wonderful Sass Magazine content with their followers, but also be a guide for all writers out there. When it comes to sharing content online, there is so much information on topics from “Content sharing best practices,” to “Best places to share your content,” so let’s make it easy.

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The 5 Best Reasons To Share Your Content Online

The big question is “Why should I share my content?” The reason you should share your content is that it can help in many different ways, whether your focus is on digital marketing growth or even creating a content portfolio.

The top reasons to share your content online are:

  • Sharing your content allows people in your network to see and share your work
  • It can help with SEO if people come to your website and stay to read your content
  • New viewers means increased likelihood of you being asked to write content for another platform
  • Evergreen content can be reshared, and makes a great part of your content calendar for your social media marketing strategy
  • Sharing content online can connect you with the people, places, and things you have mentioned in your article while increasing views of the post

5 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Online Content

You might be stuck wondering where and how to share your content. But the better question to ask is “Where is my target audience already looking?” So you have a piece of content you have written elsewhere and want to share it – think of where the target audience for your guest blog, interview, or podcast exists. If you already have a following on Instagram, then create a graphic and place a link in your bio to showcase your latest article. If you have a blog, then repurpose the content with a with a link to the original post.

Some of the best places to repurpose content are:

  • Creating a blog on your personal Linkedin page with the guest content linking to the original website
  • Your website’s blog with a link back to the original website post
  • Repurposing as a podcast episode discussion with a link to the original content
  • Creating a Pinterest graphic and leading the graphic back to the content you created on the original website
  • Within your e-newsletter, to showcase the guest blog with a link to the content

Tips on How To Share Your Guest Content Online

When you are sharing guest content, you want to find creative ways to get people engaged. Some tips on how to keep people coming back to your content are:

  • Take each headline of your blog and create a post specific to that micro-topic. If you have five headlines in an article, that’s five different posts driving to the same piece of content.
  • Get creative in how you share. If you enjoy creating video content, make a video explaining the post, create a call-to-action to visit the link to learn more. Have fun with your video!
  • Share a quote you enjoyed from your guest blog to your email list as simple copy, or a graphic created in Canva, and have a compelling call-to-action to read more.
  • Get in touch with any sources in your article such as a restaurant you mentioned or person you named. They may share the content to their followers, which places you as a thought-leader in your industry*

*A personal example we have at Sass Magazine is Girls Getaway: The Richmond Experience where we reached out to every linked location we mentioned. We sent them a personal message on social media with a link to the article to share with their platforms. It was a simple gesture to let them know that we were talking about them, and it allows them to easily schedule and share with their audiences.

If you want more information, check out Neil Patel’s article on tools and tactics to sharing your online content.

The Best Tools to Get Your Content In Front of A Larger Audience

You need tools to share your content if you want to increase your audience and showcase your guest post. Some of the best tools you can use to expand your reach are:

  • Canva – to create shareable graphics and video content
  • Platforms such as Podbean – to create podcast content about the guest blog 
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console – to know your audience, where they exist, and what they are searching for
  • Automation platforms such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Hubspot – to continuously share the content in different forms and mass create and schedule your content

Need more ideas on tools to share your content? Check out Coschedule’s article on content promotion.

This is a starting point on what to consider when sharing your guest content elsewhere. As always, make sure you connect with the website you wrote content for to ensure you are following their sharing protocol with guest content. We hope this was helpful!

Sarah Degeorge
Sarah DeGeorge

Sarah is a digital marketing specialist who works in paid and organic marketing, public relations, and social media marketing and management to help small businesses find their authentic voice for their audience. When Sarah is not working on a digital marketing strategy, you will find her on a walk at a local park, reading, or working in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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