5 Ways to Recharge and Avoid Feeling Drained During the Week

How to recharge when feeling drained at work

Most of us have a goal of just getting through the week and getting to that coveted weekend! But recharging throughout the week is necessary if you want to be replenished by the weekend. Otherwise you’re disinterested or even exhausted on the morning of your blessed day off. If all you want to do is hide and watch your favorite streaming service every weekend, you can bet you’re feeling drained.  

Recharging can help you avoid burnout. It’s bringing enjoyment to your work week and practicing a healthy work/life balance. Here are some recharging ideas for you to try.

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Don’t Rush to Work

Have you ever woken up at 8:45am to log in at 9am or gone ten miles above the speed limit to get to work on time? In all honesty, everyone probably has. But rushing to work means you start your day stressed, and if you do it every day, it adds up. Healthline puts it best, “Rushing through life can affect physical health and leave you feeling unfulfilled and unable to devote attention to the people and things you care for most.” If it’s waking up, start slow. One week, wake up 10 minutes earlier and keep going until you’ve found your sweet spot to start your day off right.

Shut Your Computer Down Completely

It can be easy to walk away from your computer at 5pm. However, it’s just as easy to log back on after dinner. Shutting down your computer tells your brain, ‘That’s a wrap to the day.’ Close out every window one by one before shutting down. It’s very satisfying and ensures you don’t miss anything, like the email that’s been drafted since noon. Then when you start your next day, you have a clear workplace.

Plan In Self-care

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘self-care is preventative care.’ It’s true, and there’s science to back it up. The Orlando Science Center details self-care activities that help regulate your nervous system based on science! Understanding the benefits of self-care is one thing, but implementing it is another obstacle. That’s where planning comes into play. It’s looking at your life and schedule then creating a blueprint for how you want to incorporate self-care. Maybe it’s a weekly bubble bath, reading a chapter of your book before bed, or meditation after breakfast.

A Scheduled Call with A Friend or Therapist

Meeting with your support system could fall under the previous section. But it’s so important it warrants its own callout. A therapist helps you navigate your world by helping you understand your mind, enabling you to understand your feelings and behaviors. With friends, it’s getting out of your own head. You can dump out the thoughts you’ve had swirling in your head and sort through them together. Then you get to reciprocate and be that space for your friend. Goodness all around!


If you are feeling drained after every workweek, it may be time to step back and examine your work situation. What is your work/life balance? Do you even have one? If not, could you reach out to your superior to improve that? The big question, however, is: are you happy? Does your skill set and personality fit? If you are not a people person, maybe you shouldn’t be in sales. If you are a people person, perhaps data entering isn’t your calling. Would you prefer to be on-site than remote? Be honest and kind with yourself. Remember, we’re learning new things about ourselves every day.

Sometimes you may need a do-nothing weekend. The dilemma is when every weekend is do-nothing. Try journaling or even an excel sheet to help track your recharge needs. Remember recharging is about connecting or reconnecting with yourself. 

Dara Hall
Dara Hall
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Dara is a Wellness & Lifestyle Writer based out of the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for self-help, self-care, and mental health grew from her struggles with mental illness and a desire to showcase that you don’t need all the fancy accessories to take care of yourself. When she isn’t writing, you can find her exploring local bakeries and learning everything she can about sharks. Connect with her on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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