What is a Life Coach? 3 Reasons Why You Need One

Life coaching explained

When you’re blessed to live long enough, you quickly realize that life is truly a journey that presents its share of ups and downs. A wise person once said that 10% of life is what happens to you. 90% of life is about how you respond. Challenges will present themselves. However, when you cultivate the right mindset, hard times don’t knock you down for too long. One of the best ways to make sure you respond to life in the right way is by utilizing the right resources. Tap into the gift of life coaching in order to manage the way you deal with life. Consider these three reasons why you need a life coach.

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1. Accountability

Living in the era of social media, people get addicted to instant gratification. If people post a picture of their first day at the gym and receive a ton of likes, those likes provide the validation they’re looking for. Unfortunately, many people stop on the first day of training. Because they received that dopamine hit from a strategically-cropped picture, they don’t feel compelled to remain accountable to the process.

Instead of using social media as your source of accountability, submit to the process in real-time with an actual person. Talk to a life coach about your goals. Flesh out what you’d like to experience in life. A life coach can help you because they’ll ask the right questions that will make you dig deeper into the buried needs, root causes, and roadblocks.

As you do the deep work of committing to the process, facing emotions, and more, you might feel overwhelmed enough to stop. A life coach holds your feet to the fire by keeping you accountable for the goals you initially set for yourself.

2. Perspective

Les Brown once said, “you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.” It’s hard to get the full picture of your life when you’re the one in it. He talked about how difficult it is to climb out of a mess that your current thinking got you into. Knowing this, you have to gain perspective from someone else. A life coach is equipped with the skill set to give you better alternatives that help you work through challenges in order to get better results.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over yet expect different results. This is more common than most people like to admit. If you’ve been trying hard to achieve a specific goal to no avail, professional assistance can be really helpful. Even though you might technically understand that you don’t know everything, there are times when the heart needs convincing. Knowing this, a spiritual life coach can provide perspective and clarity as they point out the roadblocks and ways to move past them.

3. Guidance

A life coach can serve as a GPS system in human form. Sometimes, it’s helpful to get guidance from someone who understands where you’re going. If you try to take your own way when you don’t know where you’re headed, you’re going to get lost. You’re going to waste more time. One of the benefits of life coaching is that you’ll waste less time. You’ll gain access to the directions and steps you need to take in order to extract all you want from life.

A life coach understands that tomorrow isn’t promised. They’ll help you to take action in the present moment. When you’re able to gain practical guidance that considers all of your moving parts, it’s much easier to take intentional steps towards your life goals.

Think of life in the same way you’d approach training your body. It takes work to build a strong, svelte physique. It requires a mixture of healthy eating, intentional training, and proper amounts of rest. You can’t cheat your way into getting the results. The results become visible when you commit to the process for a long time. As it pertains to life, you won’t always see or feel the effects of life coaching within a week’s time. However, as you do the work of surrendering to accountability, gaining a fresh perspective, and implementing the guidance and wisdom of a life coach, your life will reflect the hard work in due time.

Miranda Spears
Miranda Spears

Miranda Spears is a Texas native who after graduating from University of Texas at Austin, spends her time as a freelance writer. When not writing, Miranda enjoys horseback riding, shopping, trying new recipes, and spending time with her lovely little pug, Gizmo. Miranda also uses a life coach and recommends this one.

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