The FOOD Issue: Women Of Culinary Exellence

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Have you read The Food Issue? In this issue, we explore all different types of food and drink, from classic cocktails to cultural cuisines. We’ve highlighted some of Frederick’s female chefs and the local Top Women in the industry. Plus, we’ve covered lots of different and unexpected topics around the theme, like edible face masks, industry careers, and tablescapes.

Dresses & Drinks

The history of the cocktail dress is intertwined with the emergence of classic drinks such as the Martini, Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Speakeasies became popular gathering places and it was these clandestine establishments that many of the quintessential boozy concoctions we know today became popular. Over time, the cocktail dress became a symbol of elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing the glamour of classic cocktails.

Catoctin Creek Distillery created new spins on our favorite classic cocktail recipes and we’ve paired them with cocktail attire to match the personality of each drink.

Cocktails and cocktail dresses, The foodie issue from Sass Magazine

The Montgomery County Tastemakers Trail

Montgomery County sets the scene for an unforgettable weekend along the Tastemakers Trail. Montgomery County Tastemakers are brewing, fermenting, distilling, and roasting some of the best local libations in the state of Maryland! From savoring a pint on a working horse farm to relaxing with a Cabernet Franc at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, this Tastemakers Trail is designed to be your ultimate resource for the perfect beverage-centric weekend.

Tablescapes 101

Crafting an elegant tablescape is an artform that has withstood the test of time for centuries. The addition of a lavish tablescape can truly elevate a gathering, and lend a particular ambiance to an event. Tablescapes embellish parties and celebrations, often becoming the centerpiece of party decor.

Making the perfect tablescape at home

Edible Face Masks

The next time you open the fridge or pantry forget about eating and instead grab materials to whip up a custom face mask! We all go to the store and see loads of fancy face masks, and can’t help but wonder what we’re actually putting on our faces. If you’re worried about harsh chemicals, read on for some simple, edible kitchen facemask recipes.

A Taste Around The World

Have you ever looked at an Instagram post and wanted to travel just to taste the cuisine? I bet we all have, at least once… or twice. But, airline tickets are expensive, taking time off can be a pain, and everything else about travel these days can feel a little like an impossible task. You’ll be surprised by the array of dishes and foodie experiences in this sweet city, many of which are owned by women. So, put that luggage away, it’s time for a staycation foodie adventure.

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