Camping Hair, Don’t Care

camping hairstyles

If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors, the last thing you want is to look like you’ve been stranded for days. So here are some things to help you survive your next camping trip, all while still looking good for those Snapchats and Insta stories. Camping hair, don’t care!

1. Dry Shampoo 

Always style your hair before leaving for any trip. That way by day two and three all you’ll need is a little dry shampoo at the scalp and a little brushing. Voilá — you are ready to go!

2. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 

While in the great outdoors you definitely don’t want your skin to suffer. By applying a thin layer of moisturizer, you’ll not only get protection from those harmful rays but you’ll also even out skin tones, giving you that fresh morning (mountain!) glow.

3. Lip Balm or Gloss with SPF 

When sleeping and traveling outside, lips can become dry and chapped. A sheer look on a natural lip or adding a slight tint to the lip will always make you feel a little more put together, while keeping those lips moisturized.

camping and skincare

4. Facial Cleansing Wipes 

Sometimes you’ll be without running water on your outdoor adventure, so a good cleansing wipe is a must have! You definitely need to clean that face after a good day of exploration and before you hit the hay. You can also use a wipe in the morning before applying your moisturizer for a refreshing look and feel.

5. Hair Accessory 

If you’re having a bad hair day with no electrical support for a flat iron or curling iron, throw that hat on! If you are not a hat person, a good headband or ponytail holder will do just fine. Headbands are always a great option for shorter hair, while a ponytail holder is good for longer hair. Easily pull your hair back into a quick pony or a braid that will last and look great all day! Embrace the idea of “camping hair, don’t care!”

So get out there and enjoy all the adventures this world has to offer without letting your looks get in the way. Packing these few essentials along with your other necessities will set you up for some awesome selfies! Be sure to share your outdoor selfies with the Sass crew by tagging us or using #sassmagazine!

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 print issue of Sass Magazine.

camping hair

Kim is the owner and publisher of Sass Magazine, as well as the owner of Sass Studios, a boutique graphic design studio in Frederick, MD. When not in the office, Kim can be found doing some of her favorite hobbies—reading a book, dancing, traveling, or playing with her rescued pitbull.

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