What Flowers to Send for a Special Occasion

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Suppose you’re heading to an event. It could be somebody’s birthday party, a housewarming party, or sadly maybe even a funeral. It might seem old-fashioned or even cheesy, but whatever the occasion, you can mark it by bringing a stunning bouquet of flowers. It’s no wonder that giving flowers has always been a subtle way of communicating that you care. The right flower can express your sense of joy over your loved one’s birthday. A single bright rose can be a show-stopping declaration of love. For more somber occasions, flowers with muted colors can express your condolences in a way words fail to do. Whatever the occasion is, send flowers!

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Send Flowers Suited to the Occasion

Flowers are a good gift no matter what the occasion. But keep these tips in mind when you’re picking out blooms to correspond with a special event.


Valentine’s Day and anniversaries are made for celebrating love! There are other romantic occasions that merit flowers too, like first dates and airport reunions after a long absence. For these occcsions, you’d want to pick something like pink roses. Usually a muted flower with an understated beauty, pink roses make a fabulous bouquet. Buy one when going to surprise your significant other, or if you’ve just mustered up the courage to declare your feelings.


New home? Big promotion? A long-awaited retirement? When it’s time to congratulate someone, don’t just show up with a smile on your face and say “congratulations.” Send flowers like lilac or lavender, and let the beautiful scent combined with the beautiful blooms enhance your loved one’s celebration.


At tragic events like funerals, people get tired of hearing “I’m so sorry for your loss.” So even though there’s nothing wrong with expressing your condolences, sometimes a wake can feel like a sea of people to greet and accept apologies from. Instead, tell those who are mourning that you care with a heartfelt note, and send flowers in more muted shades. For occasions like funerals, go for white flowers like white roses, carnations, or even chrysanthemums in a tasteful arrangement.

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