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The 12 Best Housewarming Gifts from Amazon

housewarming gift ideas

Moving into a new home is exciting, but can also be stressful and overwhelming. A thoughtful housewarming gift is more than just a nice gesture—it can ease the moving transition and help make a new place feel like home. 

Finding that perfect housewarming gift can be tricky. You want to find something useable, yet also fun and unique. To make your shopping easy, we’ve put together a gift guide of some of our favorite housewarming ideas—from quirky to thoughtful to funny, we’ve got you covered. So, go ahead and grab a gift for your favorite new home owner (or for yourself), and give her something memorable to celebrate this milestone.

housewarming gift basket

New Home Gift Basket

Give a themed gift basket, such as this housewarming kitchen giftbox filled with a cutting board, spatula, dish towels, measuring spoons and candle. Some other themed ideas could include a cleaning package, a bath spa package, an herbal tea package…the possibilities are endless! 
Price: $60

housewarming gift ideas

Farmhouse Pillow Covers with Home Sweet Home

Throw pillows are a simple and cost effective way to update the decor of any room. So, grab the new homeowners some pillow covers that celebrate their new home sweet home.  
Price: $8

funny kitchen towel set

Funny Kitchen Towels

Give your new homeowners some laughter in their kitchen with this handy set of funny hand towels. These tea towels with sayings will match any decor while also coming in handy for keeping tabletops and counters dry.

housewarming gift ideas

Badass Homeowner Mug

Everyone loves a statement mug—especially when there’s a little humor involved. Find a great mug that the new homeowners can use everytime they have some tea or make their morning coffee. We just couldn’t pass up these sassy and endearing mugs! (Plus, think of all the instagram photo possibilities!) 
Price: $15

housewarming gift ideas

Sage Smudge Stick with Soy Candle

For those who enjoy a little “woo”, some cleansing energy such as sage or crystals can be an unexpected and unique housewarming gift. We loved this Mindfull Collective set that comes with lavender sage smudge sticks, healing crystals, calming spray and more. 
Price: $29

housewarming gift ideas

Hello Door Mat

Every home needs a great door mat—which serves as a means for visitors to wipe their feet as well as to give a greeting. We thought the script font of this HELLO door mat was fun and welcoming!
Price: $39

housewarming gift ideas

The Complete Book of Home Organization

Every new homeowner dreams of ways to keep their new place looking clean and tidy. Gift them with the know-how with this Home Organization book, and their home will remain Pinterest-worthy!
Price: $12

housewarming gift ideas

New Homeowner Wine Label Gift Set

Take the common (yet always appreciated!) gift of wine to the next level with this wine label gift set. Give the homeowners several bottles that they can save for those big moments. They’ll be able to enjoy this gift over and over again!
Price: $11

housewarming gift ideas

Funny Table Coasters

If you’re going to use coasters, they may as well be entertaining. We love these sassy and funny coasters—a great way to decorate and help save the dining room table, too.
Price: $16

new homeowner journal

New Homeowner Journal Logbook

Acquiring a home is exciting and challenging! This purse-sized new homeowner’s journal logbook is the perfect place to gather all the details — from your real estate agent to attorney, from utilities and community info to plumbers, electricians, remodeling plans, and beyond.
Price: $12

housewarming gift ideas

Inspirational Refrigerator Magnets

The fridge is the heart of the kitchen! These super cute magnets are perfect to be used on the fridge door (or any magnetic surface like a magnetic board, air conditioner, cabinet, office cubicle, etc) for a dose of inspiration every day.
Price: $10

housewarming gift ideas

House Warming Wish Jar

Give a unique and unexpected housewarming gift that will hold special meaning for new homeowners. Capture all the exciting memories of moving into a new home and the homeowners can enjoyed your well wishes for years to come.
Price: $21

housewarming gift

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