15 Productive Things To Do At Home On a Snow Day

The best things to do on snow days to keep you productive

Sometimes, snow days are a pleasant surprise or maybe they are messing up your whole week now that you are stuck at home. Either way, I always get a little stressed out by lunchtime when it’s snowing because I feel like there are things I should get done. While snow days are the best excuse to take it easy and have a little you time, there are some tasks you can take on to feel a little more productive and make the week a little easier!

Cleaning up

1. Clean your dryer vent

It’s a good day to prevent a fire! Not cleaning your dryer vents can be a danger to your house and your appliance. Take some time to disconnect and clean that dryer vent. It’ll work better too!

2. Clean the stovetop

Wiping down the stovetop might be a regular practice but when was the last time it got a good cleaning? No better time than while you are stuck inside! It is time to take that baby apart and make sure you are getting in the cracks. Here is the best way to clean your stovetop.

Getting thing done

3. Write a few notes to friends

Maybe today isn’t the day for a cleaning kick. Thats cool! Why not write a few notes to friends, family, co-workers, or anyone you want to say a nice word to right about now? Imagine how it will make their day the next time you can hand it to them. Remind someone you are thankful for them, encourage and remind them of a job well done. Write what comes to mind!

4. Clean out your inbox 

Your email inbox looks a little full there… Now is a great time to sort through your emails and respond to those ones you have been putting off. Maybe take the time to create folders and sort them.


5. Clean your emotional support waterbottle

Bestie, it’s time…

6. Try an edible facemask

Who doesent love a good facemask? There are so many great recipes for facemasks you can make at home. We have a list of our favorite edible facemasks, or you can try a DIY Aloe-vera mask!

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