The Impact Issue: Making a Difference for You & The Community

Dr Anessa Payne Cheek. Frederick Community College President

The theme for this issue started with a simple thought — what are some easy, small changes you can make that will have a big impact on your life. We liked this concept so much that we decided to create an entire issue around it! So, think about the things that make a big impact on your own life — the foods you eat, the clothes you wear, the places you shop, and how you give back. And, I challenge you to ask yourself “How do I try to make an impact?

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Small Changes, Big Impact

You can contribute to positive change, no matter how small your starting point may be. Creating an impact can mean a lot of different things. We asked our readers and staff “What is a small change you’ve made in your life that has had a larger impact?”

In The Impact Issue, we shared many of their answers in our issue and discussed the ways in which you can make a big impact on your own life and others.

Seasonal Color Analysis to dress your best

Dress to Impress with Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal color analysis is a concept that categorizes individuals into different color palettes. Each season — spring, summer, autumn, winter — is associated with a color palette. Each palette is characterized by specific colors that complement different skin undertones, hair colors, and eye colors. By identifying which colors work best for you, you can confidently choose clothing, makeup, and accessories that enhance your natural beauty and make you stand out from the crowd.

Find out which seasonal color palette is perfect for you with our Seasonal Color Analysis Quiz!

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Giving back is good (for your mental health!)

Many people choose to volunteer their time, energy and resources to serve others. Some engage in random acts of kindness to brighten an individual’s day. They may hold doors for others, give compliments or pay for a stranger’s coffee. Others commit to longer-term volunteer roles within the community or passionately support a cause. They may join service organizations or serve on nonprofit boards.

Regardless, even seemingly small acts of service have significant impact. The lasting effects of helping someone feel seen or cared for should not be underestimated. Additionally, while community needs are often highlighted during the holidays (and the occasional worldwide pandemic!), there are plenty of opportunities to give back year round.

Foods that impact your mood

Your Mood and Your Food

There is a direct link between our food, mental wellbeing, chronic disease and integrative health. Every meal is more than a choice of daily fuel and nutrition. It can also be a determining factor in your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Here are tips on the foods that might be affecting your mood and how to avoid them, plus the ones that will make you feel good!

Try these amazing recipes for Butternut Squash Soup, Stuffed Acorn Squash, and Autumn Protein Balls. You can find them now in The Impact Issue!

Woman To Watch: Dr. Anessa Cheek, 11th President of Frederick Community College

When discussing women in our community who are making an incredible impact, there were plenty of amazing individuals that came to mind. Many of those women can be found on our Top Women Making An Impact list for this issue. Dr Anessa Payne Cheek felt like the perfect fit for our Woman To Watch in The Impact Issue.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with President Cheek and talking about her journey to higher education, the impact she has had at Frederick Community College and what the future may hold for her in this position. With her official inauguration quickly approaching, she talked to us about the struggles of students seeking education, the work the Parents Lead is doing within FCC, and how she balances life, work, and operating in a mother-only household.

women making an impact

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