This Valentine’s Day, Self Love Is The Best Love

Self love this valentines day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I can tell that some of you single ladies are already dreading it. We all feel a sense of excitement around this time–when we’re in committed relationships–because love is in the air. However, if you’re not in a committed relationship with a significant other that’s okay! You can commit to you for once. Who needs Cupid’s arrow when you can love yourself? For Valentine’s Day, self-love is the best love!!

Here are some simple strategies to get you through this Valentine’s Day unscathed:

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It’s ok to “date” yourself

You don’t need a significant other to take you to the movies or to create an ambiance at your house or apartment. Simply make plans for yourself as if you were going out on a date. Dress up and show up for YOU for a change. If you have small children, plan as if you were in a committed relationship.

If you’re on a tight budget and need to stay home with your children, then make it a fun arts and crafts night. Simply exchange handcrafted notes and express your love and appreciation for each other. Adding a little baking in the mix wouldn’t hurt either.

It’s ok to “gift” yourself

If you’re worried about not receiving a gift from that special someone just know that YOU are that special someone. Get your Valentine’s Day self-love on by ordering some roses, or splurge on Ghirardelli chocolates. When you order the roses simply have the florist write how awesome and loved you are on the notecard. When they arrive, you’ll be reminded of just how special you really are.

It’s ok to “love” Yourself

This is the most important gift you’ll ever give to yourself. Love is an inside job. We all want the glitz and glamour of having someone shower us with gifts, but none of it matters if we don’t truly love who we are. Decide to forgive yourself for past failures that you’re secretly harboring so that you can free up the mental space for love to reside.

It’s ok to reflect on love

Lastly, if you’re grieving or have lost a loved one in the past. It’s ok to reflect on the love you both shared. This doesn’t have to be a sad occasion. Reflecting on the good times will help you keep their memory alive. It’s also a great way to continue the healing process. Healing old wounds or even new ones is all a part of self-care and self-love.

So, this Valentine’s Day, just remember how special you are. Live in the moment and enjoy getting to know YOU better. Have fun unapologetically!!

Angela Williams
Angela Williams
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Angela Williams (aka Angela Motivates) is the founder of the Faith Academy and owner of Angela Williams Global. She’s a transformation coach, Faith mentor, and an Amazon bestselling author of two books (B.O.S.S. Up Mindset Journal and B.O.S.S. Up Prayer Activations). She has a M.S. Degree in Psychology and a C.P.C. certification in coaching. With her desire to help women all over the globe she created a signature course entitled “Master Your Mountains”. It’s a 6-week transformation course that focuses on the root cause of self-sabotage. Using faith-based principles, Angela has helped women of faith make the connection and conquer their limiting beliefs. When she’s not working, you can find her relaxing, reading a good book, or simply enjoying her friends and family.

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