5 Perfect Gift Experiences To Show How Much You Care

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To care deeply for someone is a unique gift in itself. And sometimes the perfect gift means giving them the perfect experience. Ladies, we recommend you forward this article to your significant others (you know, in case they need a little nudge!)  Try one of these five perfect gift experiences to show you truly care in your own unique and special way!

A Great Getaway

When was the last time the two of you went on a trip? Whisk your partner away for a romantic weekend, whether you keep it chill as a staycation or explore somewhere new. Getting out of town might be just what they need to rest and relax. There’s nothing like a few days away from the responsibilities of work and home!


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Time to Themselves

If your fave companion doesn’t already spend a lot of their own “me time”, they could probably really appreciate a relaxing day. Most women love a trip to the spa, or make some DIY spa treatments for that personal touch. Be sure to clean the bathtub and bathroom (and maybe even decorate it with low lighting and some simple floral decorations) so they have a fresh, worry-free experience! Supply her with reading material, her favorite show on a nearby tablet, or her favorite music to close her eyes to.

A Personal Assistant

This may be one of the most valuable unique gifts you can give. Give your boo a break from the many tasks on her plate. Give her one of the most unique gift experiences of a certificate to a personal assistant! She can outsource errand running, party planning, appointment making, and more! Many women dream of having someone help them with their daily tasks. The beauty in working with a personal assistant is that they tailor their services to suit their client’s needs.

A Thoughtful Note

Love letters will never go out of style. Whether gifts are in the budget or not, a heartfelt note is always appreciated. Bonus points if you compliment her intellect along with her beauty, and list the many things you admire about her! John Keats is a poet famous for his love letters and is great to turn to for inspiration. To personalize it, include references to memories and inside jokes.

A Completed Home Project

Seriously, sometimes the most frustrating thing can be an unfinished project hanging over your head, and then the best thing that can happen is somebody helping you finish it. You can surprise her with it, or join in alongside her, help motivate her, and get it done the way she wants it.


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