5 Summer Hats for Women Headed on Vacay

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Shoes, check. Bathing suit, check. Stylish sunglasses, check. When you’ve accounted for everything else, don’t forget the perfect hat that’s both functional and fabulous for your next vacation. Whether you’re jet setting internationally or taking a tour of your home state, you’re going to need a proper hat accessory to complete your luggage full of looks. There are so many summer hats for women to choose from and each hat brings its own value to vacation life. Before you make your final decision, be sure to peruse and weigh all your options. We know just the place to start. Here are five hat styles you should consider bringing along for your next vacation.

1.  Floppy Brim Sun Hat

Mark your spot in the sand with an oversized floppy brim hat that is perfect for your next beach vacay. The mesmerizing size of the brim will capture everyone’s attention. Go for a creative color or design to channel your inner romance novel main character. Whether you’re on the beaches of Spain or digging your toes into domestic sand, the sun is no match for your gorgeous, boho-style hat that actually provides you shade all the way down your neck. Stay cool, comfortable, and classy in one of the charming hats for women you can easily find online. 

2.  Minimalist Baseball Cap

Staycationers and city-slickers alike can’t get enough of the stylings of a minimalist baseball cap. It’s the perfect cover for travel day hair and the ideal balance of fashion and leisure. Find a one-of-a-kind cap at a thrift store or keep things muted with a design-less cap that pulls together the ultimate monochromatic look. The easy-to-style design of a minimalist baseball cap makes it an easy decision and the perfect finisher for a purposefully relaxed vacation look. Blend in with a muted color or stand out with a bold hue; either way, you’ll feel comfortable and look chic.

Rendezvous Minimalism White Baseball Cap



3.  Straw Hat

Raise your glass and smile for the camera in a classic summertime straw hat. Perfect for a trip to the vineyard or lake house, a dainty straw hat brings together a feminine outfit in a snap. There are so many gorgeous, intricate designs you can find that match your perfect style. The wide brim and space for ribbons or other accents make it a girly girl’s dream style. Snap a photo without squinting in the sun – these straw hats are functional and fabulous. Even if you’re “not a hat person,” this style can upgrade your look and bring you a certain air of confidence fit for your next vacation.

Agnes Paper Yellow Dome Cap



4.  Visor

Soft or sporty, the visor is a versatile style of vacation hat that is only growing trendier each season. Let your inner fashionista guide the way as you browse through endless gorgeous options. It’s a great way to experiment with boho fashion but remain functional. Visors are perfect for a coastal adventure or day out on the town. Block out the sun with style! Even at a picnic, a visor comes in handy, so you don’t have to worry about the sun’s damaging rays. You can enjoy UV ray protection and show off your newest fashion accessory.

Hania Yellow Summer Hat



5.  Adventure Strap

Adventure awaits – prepare with a hat fit for your next backpacking expedition. These wide-brimmed hats come with a convenient chin strap that comes in handy when vacation excursions start to feel a little adventurous. Take everything in with the perfect all-weather head accessory that really improves traveling. Opt for a cutesy design or stick to more of a survivalist style depending on where your travels take you. With such a portable and lightweight hat on your head, there’s no holding you back from exploring all of the world’s wonders. Just don’t forget to take photos!

Decisions, decisions! Summer hats for women should protect your skin from the sun’s rays and make you feel like you’re being true to your fashion style. With so many options, you can have your choice of classically chic or a modern moment in hat fashion. What’s so great about a vacation is that you can be as stylized or as laid back as you please. Don’t feel restricted to just one hat – we love an outfit change!

Tess DiNapoli
Tess DiNapoli

Tess DiNapoli is a freelance writer and content strategist. She has a passion for clothing and often writes about psychology and wellness in the context of self-expression, but also enjoys covering the world of fitness.

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