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We’ve rounded up Instagram pages that focus on helping us recover and recharge. These Instagrams are mostly by Black, and primarily for Black people. However, that doesn’t mean those who aren’t Black can’t grow and learn from these Instagrams. When anyone pays attention and listens to a group of people who have been systemically oppressed, like Black people, our entire society can become more inclusive and free. They are also great resources to share with your friends and family who need some support (don’t we all)!

The Modern Therapist  - Good mood black Instagrams to follow


A licensed therapist runs this Instagram and links to several therapy resources. Her posts consist of reminders and affirmations to encourage support, peace, and healing.

Recipe for Self love


This one actually isn’t run by a Black person. But, it’s got great, empowering, daily messages for all of us to love and embrace.

Black Girls Rock - Good mood black Instagrams to follow


The premier global Black women’s and girls empowerment movement.

Mess in a bottle.


T-shirt company with MESSages that gives a voice to those without one.

Girl CEO Ink - Black instagrams to follow


The playground for female entrepreneurs Balance, Business & Lifestyle

Dayna Bolden - black instagrams


A BOSS Mom Inspiring women to go BOLDLY after their dreams.

Vivian Kaye -  women to follow on instagrams


a 17 year, 3x successful entrepreneur currently running an eCommerce biz that she bootstrapped to 7 figures without any paid ads.

black mental wellness on instagram


Black Mental Wellness. The Mecca of Black Wellness. #BlackMentalWellness

The Nap Ministry -


The Nap ministry examines the liberating power of naps. They believe rest is a form of resistance and reparations. You definitely should be following this account.

Therapy for Black Girls -  Instagrams to follow


This Black Instagram is a great resource for finding a therapist. Also, for cultivating effective therapy.
They also have a website where you can find out more about their podcast, community, and more.

Gel Derossi
Gel Derossi

Gel is a fervent writer whose personal work focuses on lifting up the experiences of marginalized folks, including transgender and gender-nonconforming people; Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other POC; people living with diverse mental & physical conditions; and people whose lack of representation has created a struggle to be understood. Gel currently studies creative writing at Towson University & spends a lot of their time daydreaming. Working for Sass, a publication that strives to inspire & meet all womxn where they are in life, is one of those daydreams come true!

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