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Follow These Black Instagrams For Positive, Feel-Good Content

black instagrams

We’ve rounded up Instagram pages that focus on helping us recover and recharge. These Instagrams are mostly by-Black, and primarily for-Black people. However, that doesn’t mean those who aren’t Black can’t grow and learn from Black Instagrams. When anyone pays attention and listens to a group of people who have been systemically oppressed, like Black people, our entire society can become more inclusive and free. They are also great resources to share with your friends and family who need some support (don’t we all)!

black instagrams blackqueermagic
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We can’t put it better than her website bio. “BlackQueerMagic represents the creative, professional, and spiritual journey of Vanessa B. Miller, MSW.” The Instagram has photos of GORGEOUS homemade jewelry featuring powerfully colorful crystals and stones. Vanessa sells jewelry in her online store. (This author bought a piece from her, and Vanessa threw in a complimentary smoky quartz piece!) Also, she shares uplifting stories about her life.

black instagram themoderntherapist
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A licensed therapist runs this Instagram and links to several therapy resources. You’ll find free articles and a guided meditation book called Just Breathe. Her posts consist of reminders and affirmations to encourage support, peace, and healing.

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This is the perfect Instagram for any girl who needs more rest in her life! The act of resting is power in a world where the work grind is second nature. They post about music playlists, free articles, podcasts. The Nap Ministry encourages us to take breaks to nurture our beings.

black instagram therapyforblackgirls
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This Black Instagram is a great resource for finding a therapist. Also, for cultivating effective therapy. They address difficult questions and make posts that encourage inner peace and self-discovery. They also have a website where you can find out more about their podcast, community, and more.

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This one actually isn’t run by a Black person. But, it’s got great, empowering, daily messages for all of us to love and embrace.

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Erica Courdae is a public speaker and consultant with an Instagram full of selfies and pride! This is what she says about herself, and no one could put it better: “People say you know when you love something if you’d do it for free. Well that’s what I’ve done for as long as I can remember…and now I want to do it with intention. I’ve always been willing to talk about just about anything, now I’m here to challenge you and connect from a place of wanting to go beyond the surface. More than what you see. Challenge assumptions and shatter expectations with words. My name is Erica, and it’s time to talk my dear.”

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This is your one-stop blog for a connection to Black brands and entrepreneurs! They post much-needed reminders about trusting yourself, how far you’ve come, and more.

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This Instagram provides peaceful photos and a powerful dialog on how self-care for women of color is a revolt in itself. They have playlists, meditations, community, and more on their linktree. You can also subscribe to their newsletter!

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This Instagram is a conversation for Black folks to talk and for white folks to listen. The author, Wes Moore, is an accomplished writer who has been interviewed and published multiple times. He talks about how he is all-too-often the only Black person in the room. On his Instagram are inspiring speeches posted along with beautiful photos of provocative quotes and Black figures.

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This Instagram stays tuned in to current events and experiences on behalf of Black folks. As they say on their bio, they are “A global empowerment movement dedicated to inspiring, emboldening and celebrating women and girls of color.” You’ll find guided meditations, news updates, calls to action and calls for rest.

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