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radiah rhodes

Radiah Rhodes is a self-proclaimed Jersey girl and grew up on the shore around beaches and farmland. She went to school for engineering in North Carolina. Her understanding of engineering ended up changing her life.

After working in corporate America for twenty years, Rhodes went through several tough changes in her life at once. She used an engineering process to fix her life–using a spreadsheet. She turned that fix-it process into a well-being company, EVÓK Life.

Radiah Rhodes has turned her ability to design her own life into a product that helps others. EVÓK offers programs that bring clients to identify and accomplish their innermost goals and fertilize sustainable people transformations. Make sure to check out the Power Paradigm, a phenomenal podcast by EVÓK that features female professionals and experts having conversations about the big deals and life’s small details.

radiah rhodes

What is EVÓK?

It’s deep work. You have to be ready for it because it’s going to be truthful. You’re gonna confront yourself, in a way that most people haven’t.

This is an asset-based model where you identify the challenge, but not as part of your identity. We call it distinguishing your default. A lot of modality is based on your default and what you have to overcome. 

Identify the way you’ve been operating. Do you want to keep operating that way or not? Because here’s the results you’re getting. It’s a different conversation, but it is extremely therapeutic. There’s a lot of relief that comes from realizing the power and authority you have in who you are and who you are not. 

In our virtual self-guided course, we run coaching and training and facilitation programs, but the source of our program is answering the question “Who are you?” 

It’s the question my father asked me that sent me to the spreadsheet that changed my life. That is the source of your power, in an intimate and practical way. And that’s where Authenticity, Alignment, and Authority are found in knowing who you are.

radiah rhodes

How did you get to where you are today?

I believe in the power of our methodology. It is tremendous. It’s simple, profound, practical. It’s been a commitment, so just staying committed, being willing to get over myself over and over again. I’m a visionary, and I like enthusiasm and excitement.

It’s gonna sound simple, but one of the toughest parts has been continuing with something I’m so convicted by, passionate about, when nobody believes me. That’s why entrepreneurs talk about passion being so critical. Unbridled, emotional desire; connection; vision; a commitment that will propel you when there’s nothing else there. For me, I saw obstacles, but it’s not even so much the obstacles. It’s the lack of belief and support or encouragement. That is something that can take me out and I’ve had to really learn what is my responsibility, my agency, and my responsibility to move something forward.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome? 

The fact that I made it out of my childhood as a somewhat healthy, productive person. I talk about this in my book. My parents were never married, there was substance abuse, depression, neglect. I grew up in circumstances that required significant grace, like divine grace. 

My life could’ve been very different. That was tough. I didn’t think about it as tough, but I definitely felt a weight. It was all I knew, so I did the best I could.

I realized everything that I had built to get out of my childhood didn’t work for what I wanted in life. I had achieved the marriage and the job, children, a nice home and car. And I was absolutely miserable. What worked for me to overcome the first obstacle no longer worked for me later in life. And that was devastating. 

What inspires you?

Freedom. The freedom from suffering. Freedom from struggling. I was really exhausted and physically I was becoming ill and I had to untangle myself from the things that were making me ill. Freedom from illness and exhaustion and struggle and suffering. Freedom for sharing that with other people. Claiming freedom for myself and then giving it away

How can someone get involved?

We have several ways to get involved. We are always looking for support in terms of marketing and design, for sure. If people have skills, passion, and genius around marketing and design work and brand building, we are always wanting to have a conversation there. 

If people are wanting to transform how they live, so that they can achieve their goals with ease and pleasure and pursue even bigger goals, then sign up for the thirty-day guided course as a nice introduction, get the book, and email me! It’s about intention, so the people that stay in the conversation will move it forward.

radiah rhodes
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Gel Derossi

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