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Stay Cozy With Our Favorite Winter Items For Under $40

cozy winter

While chilly weather might not be everyone’s cup of tea, who doesn’t love snuggling up under blankets to binge-watch their favorite show? Or dipping into a hot bath with a glass of wine? We’re trying to embrace winter this season, but we need some help! We’re sharing our favorite cozy winter products. And you’re in luck — they’re all under $40!

cozy winter

Cabin socks – $10

These cabin socks might just be the cutest cozy winter socks we’ve ever seen. They’ll keep your feet warm while providing a fun flash of color under your jeans. Or, just wear them around the house, no shoes required. You can’t beat the price, either. Five socks for $10? Yes, please!

cozy winter

Bamboo bath tray – $35

This bath tray makes it possible for you to take a bath while watching a show on your tablet while drinking wine. *Mind blown.* Want to make your bath experience even more luxurious? Add in one of these DIY spa treatments!

Lush throw – $14 +

You can never have too many throw blankets! Toss one over your favorite chair, tuck a few into a basket, add one to your blanket ladder and keep a clean one tucked away for guests. This one has over 1500 reviews and comes in multiple sizes. 


Flannel pajamas – $29 +

When was the last time you treated yourself to new pajamas? This set is highly rated, affordable, and comes in several colors and patterns, our favorites are leopard, kittens, dogs, or cupcakes! Seriously, there’s a fun pattern for everyone!


Slippers – $21 +

Every woman needs to have a pair of cute rubber-soled slippers. They make taking kids to the bus stop or checking the mail that much easier — don’t bother putting on shoes, just keep your cute slipper boots on all day!

We hope these winter goodies help you stay cozy and warmth this winter season! Have another product you can’t live without during the winter, let us know in the comments below.

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