Debunking the Myths about Essential Oils

The truth and myths about essential oils

Whether you recognize them or not, we use essential oils every day. You’ll find them in household products, cosmetics, and food. Many people even use them for their health benefits. But what exactly are they? According to the International Standards for Organization (ISO), essential oils are those produced by mechanically processing the epicarp of citrus fruits, or by steam or dry distilling natural raw plant material. They are concentrated plant extracts, full of useful compounds – not just a nice fragrance.

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Top 5 Myths about Essential Oils

Myth #1. They are the Same as Fragrance Oils

No. Essential oils are of plant origin while fragrance oils can be synthetic or natural aromatic compounds mixed with a carrier oil. Each type of oil has its place, but you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the right kind of oil depending on how you intend to use it. Essential oils are commonly used for various health benefits, whereas fragrance oils are used for, well, fragrance!

Myth #2. They Do Not Expire

Depending on their complexity and nature, essential oils do, eventually, expire. The average shelf life of these oils is between 2 and 5 years but some can last much longer. To be on the safe side, if the smell, color, or consistency of your oil has changed then its best to replace it.

Myth #3. They Cannot Cause Allergic Reactions

While they are of plant origin, essential oils can still contain chemicals. And some people are prone to adverse reactions when chemicals come in contact with their skin. As with anything, when using oils it’s important to know and listen to your body.

Myth #4. They are Better for Candle Making

Fragrance oils are commonly used for candle making because they are less expensive than essential oils and give off more fragrance while the candle is burning. However, you can also make candles with essential oils. Candle makers will just have to adjusted their formula to achieve the level of scent that customers may prefer.

Myth #5. Therapeutic Grade Oils are of Highest Quality

Fragrance oil production is under oversight of the International Fragrance Association. But there is currently no known regulatory body or agency that grades essential oils. So there’s no way to back up a claim of any particular “grade.” The manufacturers who make this claim may be trying to infer that their products are preferred by aromatherapy practitioners. But since that’s a bit misleading, do your homework!

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