Stitch Fix’s Style Forecast: Fashion & Style Trends for 2022

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What trends can we expect for 2022? Stitch Fix has put together their very first fashion and style forecast trends report, and we’re totally here for it!

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix , they “combine the human touch of expert stylists with the precision of advanced data science to provide millions of people with a uniquely personal online shopping experience.” Basically, it’s a personalize styling subscription service that mails you individually selected clothing and accessories items, based off of your own fashion likes and dislikes. Sounds awesome, right? Yeah, we think so too!

So, what do the expert stylists at Stitch Fix predict in fashion and style trends for the upcoming year? Read on for some of our favorite predictions, with info pulled directly from the official Stitch Fix 2022 Style Forecast.

Business Comfort is the Future of Workwear

Business suits are out, comfy business chic is in. With more people transitioning back from remote work to in-person work — at least part-time — demand for workwear is quickly gaining speed. But, after over a year of conducting zoom calls in our work-from-home favorites like leggings and hoodies, no one wants to go back to the stiff workwear of years past. Stuffy business suits, button-downs and dress pants are on the outs. While items like oversized stretch blazers, elastic-waist bottoms, sweater dresses and “knoven” (knit + woven) tops are taking their place. So, cheers to going back to the office in 2022 without having to sacrifice comfort for professional polish.

Denim & Dresses Make a Comeback

With the “new normal” in full swing, people are trading in loungewear for our pre-pandemic staples, such as denim jeans (or “hard pants”, as we like to call them!). Yet, while denim is roaring back, style preferences are evolving. Skinny jeans have seen a vast decline in popularity. Women are instead opting for fits like straight leg and wide leg jeans.

Everyday dresses are also thriving and making a big comeback. Some of the top styles include maxi dresses; dresses in natural fabrics like linen, poplin and gauze; and bright, optimistic colors and prints. And as dresses return to our everyday wardrobes, so are tall boots including styles range from chunky lug sole booties to above-the-knee boots.

Going Out Is Back in Style

As pandemic restrictions ease, people are eager to start going out on the town again! A resurgence of celebratory events like weddings, graduations, reunions, and vacation travel are resulting in a huge drive to dress up. Dresses aren’t just trending in the everyday category — they’re a favorite for going out/special occasions as well. Look for midi dresses that hit below knee level and above the ankle, and pair them with strappy heels or booties. Dressy blouses and wide legged trousers will be a staple for brunch with your girlfriends or happy hours with coworkers. And our 2022 #covidrevenge dressing will make us bolder, opting for skirts in faux leather, sequins or bright patterns.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Speaking of color, this year will show a more adventurous and rebellious side as people are ready to experiment with brighter and bolder patterns. Look for flirty florals, checks, alternative camo and graphic elements to make a comeback. Plus, we’ll begin to see an array of colors, especially those like mint greens, purples or lavenders, an mustard yellows. And Stitch Fix’s color of the year prediction is Vibrant Magenta, a dark hot pink. Look for this color in everything from floral dresses, women’s blouses or even men’s ties.

Athleisure & Activewear Still Reign Supreme

Nearly two years into the pandemic, athleisure and activewear are still in huge demand, with a focus on versatility and performance. In 2022 we will favor pieces at the intersection of comfort, style and active technical support. Perhaps as a result of people spending more time outdoors during the pandemic, apparel associated with sports and activities like tennis, golf and hiking are trending. Looks for pieces such as polar fleeces, jumpsuits, and bike shorts to be a staple throughout the year.

Values Based Shopping

In an increasingly socially-conscious society, consumers aren’t just shopping based on their budget—our social values also help shape our shopping choices. The 2022 style forecast predicts an even bigger focus on clothing made from sustainable resources and organic materials. Stich Fix became members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), a group of 250+ organizations working to create a more planet-friendly global value chain.

Additionally, as consumers we want to find ways to support a more diverse retail landscape. This may include an increase in shopping locally owned brands and supporting minority-owned businesses and retailers, such as those in Stitch Fix’s new Elevate program which offers financial grants and mentorship to entrepreneurs of color in the fashion industry.

Embracing the Consumer’s Voice

Amidst the new normal, we, as consumers, have a significant opportunity at hand. After getting the chance to dress however we wanted during lockdowns, now we can re-enter the world empowered to express ourselves through our own unique style, rather than dressing as we think we should. Stitch Fix’s style forecast shows that consumers are making our preferences heard—from the items we love, to the experiences we want, to the values we support—and the fashion industry is listening.

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