Women’s Empowerment through Tantra

womens empowerment tantra

Learning to stand up for yourself means taking care of your well-being. Empowerment is about cultivating self-confidence, resilience and leadership skills so every woman can challenge the system and make a difference. It entails recognizing your unique abilities, and creating a safe environment where you can embody your feminine power and joy.

If you  are looking for an empowering outlet, Tantra may be just what you need! And no, we are not talking  about stereotypical stigmatized take on the ancient tradition usually (and falsely) perceived as an art of lovemaking. So, what, you may ask, is Tantra?

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What is Tantra?

Tantra refers to a philosophy and set of spiritual practices that emerged in India centuries ago. It’s a life-embracing philosophy that focuses on using universal energy as a means of self liberation. Tantra is distinct from other spiritual traditions because it focuses on liberation through the physical body rather than through a transcendence of it. 

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“People often neglect the fact that sexual energy, also known as Kundalini, is in fact a creative force”, says Alexis Alcala, InnerCamp founder and Tantra master. “It can be harnessed and sublimated to help us in other areas of life.  Channeling that energy can awaken senses, help you connect with your true self in a more intimate way and gain control over your power”. Tantric techniques involve using physical, mental, and emotional exercises to awaken the inner and outer body, release stagnant energy, and bring about an increased consciousness. 

“Women can learn to let go of their inhibitions and connect with their innermost desires. This can lead to a more fulfilling and authentic life, as well as a deeper connection with others”, adds  Alexis. “I find it extremely beautiful and inspiring when women who attend our Tantra retreats discover their hidden parts, reconnect with their innate wisdom, and learn to trust and accept themselves, which all leads to greater self-esteem and a sense of fulfillment”. 

what is tantra

Building Self Confidence

Contemporary Tantra offers a unique and transformative experience for women. It provides a  space where they can connect with their own power and sexuality. It is a path to self-realization that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their gender identity or relationship status. 

Tantric embodiment exercises can build a strong foundation for personal growth. When practiced regularly, these techniques can clear away negative energy and self-limiting beliefs. Instead, they will help you focus on developing a strong sense of wellbeing, self-confidence, and self esteem that can carry over into other areas of your life.  

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Tantric Exercise Example

This Tantra-based exercise can help you feel limitless and alive. Start with a simple exercise of self massaging your breasts. From a tantric perspective, the chest area is associated with emotional health. Breasts are located on two sides of the heart chakra, which makes them a center of  love. If women keep their emotions bottled up without expressing and processing them in the right way, the natural flow of energy is disrupted. Breast massage can help release  blockages and boost self love. 

To begin, find a comfortable, relaxed position and ensure the breast area is well supported. Start by massaging the sternum, the chest bone between the breasts, using gentle circular motions with your fingers. Move down to the collarbone and repeat the circular motion, but this time in an upward motion. Continue working in an upward motion, gently massaging each area of the breast and chest up to the shoulder. When you reach the shoulder, use your fingertips to lightly slide down the arm and back to the sternum. Repeat this process several times and feel free to adjust the pressure accordingly. Enjoy this relaxing massage and take the opportunity to focus on your breathing and visualizing positive energy. Be mindful of your body’s response.

Innercamp is a community of holistic healers who specialize in contemporary holistic experiences such as Breathwork, Tantra and Shamanism. They offer retreats, workshops and trainings that enrich your life and allow you to step into your higher self.

what is tantra

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