Colonial Jewelers: A Local, Family Owned Business

Colonial Jewelers Frederick Maryland

Founded over 100 years ago by Ben Hurwitz, Colonial Jewelers is now a fourth generation, family owned small business co-owned by Sarah Hurwitz Robey. In 1948, the company established their beautiful landmark location in the heart of historic, downtown Frederick, Maryland. 

Colonial Jewelers helps customers give personal gifts of LOVE by providing unique, high quality jewelry and services at an excellent value.

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While Colonial Jewelers is a local Frederick, MD business leader, the Hurwitz family has established itself as a community leader as well. The family founded the Hurwitz Breast Cancer fund; to date the fund has raised over 2.2 million dollars for local patient care, and breast cancer facilities in the Frederick area. The next time you visit Frederick’s famous downtown square, stop into the newly remodeled Colonial Jewelers; you won’t be disappointed.

How did this family owned business start?

My great grandfather started Colonial Jewelers over 100 years ago in western, MD and my grandparents opened our Frederick location in 1948. My parents have operated the store for the past 40 years and now I am the 4th generation owner. We have always provided jewelry of good quality and value. We’ve added new technology and services over the years but our commitment to quality has never changed.

What makes Colonial Jewelers stand out?

Colonial Jewelers is a business with deep roots in the community. We are also constantly innovating and changing to stay on top of the latest technology, design capabilities and fashion styles. Plus, we genuinely care about our customers and absolutely cherish the honor it is to be a part of their lives and occasions.

What is a typical day like?

There is really no typical day and that’s what we love! We never know who will come in the door: a person looking to buy an engagement ring for their love, a couple celebrating 40 years of marriage, a woman looking to celebrate herself with a piece of jewelry or someone who has inherited something from a loved one and wants to custom design something. Our days involve services like jewelry repair, appraisals, insurance replacement and the cleaning and maintenance of jewelry.

How did you learn to run a small business?

I received my undergraduate degree in business and earned a Graduate Gemologist degree at the Gemological Institute of America. My business degree helped me learn the fundamentals of business. My gemology degree taught me how to identify and evaluate diamonds and gemstones. While both schools taught me a lot, nothing compares to what I learned working beside my parents. I learned how the business works, how to make responsible financial decisions while balancing the needs of a growing business, and most importantly, the value of our staff and customers.

What is the best part about what you do? Most challenging? 

The best part of what I do is getting to help customers find the perfect piece of jewelry. Gems are fascinating — their beauty, rarity, longevity. I was lucky to be raised in a family owned business that provides an emotional, enduring, timeless gift. The most challenging part is juggling the needs of everyone we serve; our customers, our employees, the business as a whole. As well as making decisions that are the most beneficial to everyone involved. Keeping our values in mind helps on those challenging days.

Who are your customers?

We don’t have just one “type” of customer, but our customers do have a few things in common. They value spending their money with a local, family owned, small business. They also value the expertise our team can provide. Our customers want to own jewelry that is both high quality and a good value (no matter their budget). They also love their local community and the things that make our hometown unique and special. 

Photo credit @momentsbymoy
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