15 Hygge Styles To Cozy Up With This Winter

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There is no better feeling than being warm and cozy during the cold holiday season. As a fashion stylist, I want my clients to look amazing and feel comfortable. The perfect way to accomplish comfort this winter is by embracing the spirit of hygge style when you get dressed in the morning! Hygge is Denmark’s take on extreme coziness and comfort…and who doesn’t want to be cozy and comfortable during the frigid winter months?! I’m here to give you some hygge style options for all of the loungewear obsessed, cozy homebodies out there! (Some of these items make great gifts, too!)

Cozy Hygge Style Sweaters

First things first, cozy sweaters! I love the ones that make me feel like I’m wrapped up in a warm robe or blanket, when I’m actually brunchin’ it up in style with friends. Check out some of the cozy sweaters I found for every style and budget!

  1. Unleash your wild side with this incredibly soft Snow Leopard Print Sweater!
  2. Look chic and feel comfy with this super cozy, Chunky Knit Cardigan sweater (plus it comes in SO MANY color options!)
  3. Love the design on this cowl neck Houndstooth Sweater from Nordstrom. 
  4. This fuzzy V-Neck Sweater can be worn off the shoulder for a more flirty look. 
  5. We all need a basic everyday sweater and this Casual Turtleneck Pullover is perfect for everyone.

Warm Outerwear

Outerwear is a BIG part of our cold weather wardrobe. Staying warm while looking your best is a must, until you have reached your destination and can show off one of your cozy sweaters from above!

  1. Try this timelessly chic Wrap Wool Coat in plaid or solid colors. Pair with jeans and boots for a casual look, or dress it up with a black skirt for an evening out!
  2. You can never go wrong with a classic Puffer Jacket. We love this mid-length version by Calvin Klein (especially in red!)
  3. A classic Trench Coat is great for any occasion, especially this stylish, long, double-breasted version.
  4. These Plaid Blanket Scarves keep you warm and come in so many cute colors to match your custom look.
  5. If you want ridiculously comfy and ridiculously fashionable, check out this Cozy Teddy Coat!

Hygge Loungewear

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite cold weather activities is snuggling up next to the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa while watching a movie or binging Game of Thrones. Being warm and comfy while you’re inside is just as important as when you’re out and about. You’re going to love all of the cozy loungewear and accessories I found!

  1. A onesie is something that we all need for lounging around the house. Covered in fleece from head to toe?! Count me in! This onesie from Amazon comes in several different color options too.
  2. We can’t forget fluffy Fuzzy Slippers so you can complete your cocoon of warmth.
  3. While watching Netflix grab this warm, sherpa-style Throw Blanket to cuddle up with!
  4. These cozy Jogger Pants can be worn from the living room to the car to errands for all-day luxury and comfort.
  5. And here is a cozy crew neck sweatshirt to pull the look together to make any setting warm and enjoyable.

I hope all of my hygge style fashion picks will help to keep you all cozy and warm during these cold months! Looking for more options? Check out my bio for my contact info!

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whitney Whiten
Whitney Whiten

Whitney Whiten is head stylist at Styled by Whit in Frederick, MD. She's been a fashion stylist for over ten years and is also a fashion and style influencer on Instagram! She studied Fashion Merchandising at Fairmont State University, Fashion Styling & Trends in London, England and lived in NYC for a couple years. Fashion is her passion!

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2 thoughts on “15 Hygge Styles To Cozy Up With This Winter

  1. Brandi Clarke says:

    I feel like this article was written for me! I love to be cozy, comfy & warm … this article gave me some new ideas/pieces to work that into my wardrobe for winter. Thanks!! 🙂

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