Winter Whites and How to Rock Them

Winter white fashion

If you’re looking to nail that super elegant chic look, even in the freezing cold, go with all white. That’s it. No more thinking. No more stressing. Winter white. Let the compliments roll in!

White is year-round. From head to toe, you don’t need to worry about dates or seasons when rocking the color. Forget those fashion “rules,” Here are a few pointers for pulling off Winter White:

Seasons decide texture, not color

There’s a difference between white linen and white wool –– only one will work for winter unless you’re in the Bahamas for Christmas. Stick with heavier, winter textiles like fluffy sweaters (think sherpa!), faux fur, wool and textured tops. White outerwear, especially, is one of the easiest ways to dip your toe into this color trend.

Monochrome Mix & Match

Any monochromatic look is sure to be a winner. I live for a monochromatic look! Head-to-toe white seems to take the cake, especially in a sea of dark colors. The list of shades of white goes on forever, so picking a few complementary hues will be inevitable. If a whiteout isn’t your thing, throw in a fun colored handbag or coat to keep that effortless but intentional effect.

boots to match with winter white outfits

Go Metallic

The classic gold and white, or silver and white pairing never fails! Any metallic fabric or accessory will make an all-white look super stylish! A totally white outfit paired with some statement pieces made of big, transparent white crystals can look very sophisticated.

Whichever tip you try, just remember, less is more! Keep the look clean with a few well-chosen pieces and always wear your outfit with confidence!!

Added metallic to winter white outfits
whitney Whiten
Whitney Whiten
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Whitney Whiten is head stylist at Styled by Whit in Frederick, MD. She's been a fashion stylist for over ten years and is also a fashion and style influencer on Instagram! She studied Fashion Merchandising at Fairmont State University, Fashion Styling & Trends in London, England and lived in NYC for a couple years. Fashion is her passion!

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