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Survey Says: Top 10 Funniest Relationship Turn-Offs

relationship turn-offs

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Have you ever been enjoying getting to know someone, and then you’re suddenly and irrevocably turned off by something they say or do? It could even be something completely beyond their control. If you get that “icky” vibe and that’s all she wrote, you aren’t alone. In fact, a new study found that over 5 million people searched Google recently for “relationship turn-offs!” And while you can expect to see things like “being a messy eater” or “losing their temper” on the list, we thought you’d get a kick out of some of the funnier turn-offs that made the list.

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So, what are the top 10 funniest relationship turn-offs?

  1. When their mom washes their clothes for them 
  2. Mullets 
  3. Goatees 
  4. Asking the bartender what the cheapest beer is 
  5. When they type ‘hehe’ in a text message 
  6. Using bedding made for kids
  7. When the elevator shuts on them
  8. Wearing a vest
  9. Dropping some coins and running for them as they roll away
  10. Replying to your IG story with a flame emoji

Apparently, typing ‘hehe’ in a text is no longer funny, as it causes people to ‘get the ick.’ Goatees and mullets are also on the list of things certain people are big time turned off by. 29% of respondents say they have ended a relationship with their partner due to being turned off and getting the ick! A third of females (34%) tend to leave their partner due to being turned off, compared to 24% of males.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson at said: “It’s interesting to see the funniest relationship turn-offs and the number of people deciding to bail on a new romance after getting the ick. We hope that our study helps people avoid doing something that will make their lover’s toes curl!” 

relationship turn-offs
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