5 Tips for Keeping Makeup on For a Night Out

After spending so long on your night out makeup, you want your face to stay fresh for hours. However, concerts and clubs are often hot environments. How can you keep your products from running or fading? Here‘s how to make your makeup last all night.

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Use a Primer

For long-lasting makeup, consider a primer. Your skin is porous and absorbs makeup throughout the night. A primer smooths and covers pores. It blocks them from quickly absorbing your formulas. A good primer will make your skin feel smooth and soft. It creates a canvas for your favorite products. A primer should also reduce the feel of wrinkles. The smoothing effect helps maintain your application all night.

Apply primer with a small makeup sponge or clean fingers. They can irritate your eyes, so avoid that area. There are also options for eyeliner and shadow. Start your makeup routine after the primer dries.

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Get a Setting Spray

Setting sprays can make your makeup last all night. They meld your handiwork into one solid layer. Once it smooths everything together, it will help it last. Most formulations use a combination of oils, water and glycerin. Some have alcohol in them to assist with drying. Avoid those if you have sensitive skin. Always read the ingredients before applying a product.

Some prefer the setting spray to end their routine. Others like to do it after each step. Hold the spray bottle several inches away from your face. The manufacturer will likely recommend a distance on the directions.

Go For Waterproof

Waterproof products can ensure your look lasts all night. Moisture is often inevitable, putting your makeup at risk. Oil, sweat and humidity can make many formulas run.

A lot of makeup brands use file formers, like silicone and acrylates. More natural options utilize oils and waxes for a similar effect. For the best results, prime your skin before applying your night-out makeup. You can also set it after. Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your face too much.

Keeping your makeup fresh on a night out

Have a Good Skincare Routine

A seamless, long-lasting makeup routine begins with healthy skin. A solid skincare routine can help create a smooth, moisturized surface. This canvas lets your products cling to it during nighttime events. When choosing skincare, it’s best to avoid alcohol. It can irritate your face. Try to find natural formulations. Sodium lauryl sulfate and other chemicals can mess with your hormones. They can imbalance your body, leading to headaches and other symptoms.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends cleansing your face twice a day. Don’t scrub your skin or you could irritate it. Moisturizers with sun protection factor can help prevent skin damage. Wear a zinc or titanium-based sunscreen outdoors. If you have oily skin, you can use blotting papers. Try to never sleep in your makeup.

Choose an Updo

Your hair can impact how well your makeup stays. If you wear your hair down, it can rub your face. Hair can also get sweaty and oily, removing your hard work.

Keep your hair out of your face for long-lasting makeup. Consider a sleek ponytail, braid or bun. You can also do a half-up half-down style. Do your hair before you do your makeup for easier application.

Make Your Makeup Last All Night With These Tips Makeup is fun and can boost your confidence. However, warm environments can cause it to look less fresh than when you did it. Prep your skin, set your look and don’t touch it. With these tips, you can help your night-out makeup look last.

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